Homemade Christmas Present Ideas - Handmade Christmas Gifts You Can Create

Are you seeking inspiration for homemade Christmas present ideas?

There is no greater gift than a homemade gift. When you take the time to create something especially for another person, you are showing that person exactly how special they are to you.

Christmas is one of the best holidays for homemade gifts. With Christmas becoming more and more commercialized, many people are getting back to simpler ideas. Nice family gatherings and homemade gifts.

Here, we will give you numerous homemade Christmas present ideas, regardless of the size of your budget.

  • Hat and Scarf Set: Even if you cannot knit, just about anyone can learn to do a basic crochet in just a few hours. Crocheting is really quick and easy to learn. Winter is a perfect time to present someone with a handmade hat and scarf set. There are hundreds of free patterns for beginners and experts, knitting or crochet, on the internet; just look for the type that suits you best.

  • Homemade Layered Jars: If it is a food item that you would like to gift, try making up lovely layered jars as homemade Christmas present ideas. From brownies, cookies, or other baked items, to fancy bean soups, layered jars are a wonderful gift to make as well as to receive. Include a printed recipe attached to a pretty ribbon. You can add a piece of homespun cotton cut in a circle with pinking shears to cover the lid, and tie the ribbon around.

  • Bath Spa Supplies: Everyone loves bath products and making your own homemade products ensures that your ingredients are fresh and tailored to suit your fancy. Homemade body scrubs, bath bombs, bath salts, bubble baths and soaps all make wonderful homemade Christmas present ideas. Make a set of matching scents and tie them together with an extra large washcloth that you can cut and serge yourself. Use yellow terrycloth for lemon scented items, tan for vanilla or brown sugar.

  • Mulled Wine Sachets: Mulled wine sachets are a lovely homemade Christmas present idea. If the recipient does not drink wine, they can make mulled apple juice, or even just simmer the sachets in water to wrap their house in the fantastic aroma these little sachets give off. Gather your spices (many recipes are found online, search for one that you like) and place them in the center of a piece of plain, un-dyed muslin cloth. Gather the ends together and tie tightly with thin twine. You can add a colorful ribbon, but remind the recipient to remove the colored ribbon prior to placing in the hot liquid. Tie a small card with instructions to the ribbon. Make up batches of six and wrap them in pretty cello bags.

  • Jams, Preserves, Salsas: Need more homemade Christmas present ideas? Canning and making your own jams and preserves is gaining popularity again. When you are preparing your own fruits, make a little extra for the upcoming holidays. Wrapping the lids with colorful calico or Christmas cotton prints and tying a matching ribbon is an easy way to decorate these tasty treats. Salsas can be made a few days prior to the holiday season. Adding unique items such as corn or peaches brings great color to this scrumptious gift.

  • Snowman Soup: If there are kids on your gift list, this homemade Christmas present idea is such a fun treat that they all will enjoy. Using a cello bag, add 1 cup of hot chocolate mix and tie with a twist tie, cutting the excess off short. Put this bag in another cello bag and add a handful of Christmas colored M & M's. Add a handful of mini marshmallows on top of that. Wiggle a small candy cane part way into the marshmallows and twist tie the top with part of the candy cane sticking out. Tie with a pretty ribbon and add a Snowman Soup poem that can be found on this website. Kids love this delightful gift.

    Any one of the above homemade Christmas present ideas will be certain to be a hit on Christmas Day. These are just a few ideas to get you started and to show how easy it can be to start creating your own handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family.

    Have fun, and enjoy the process!

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    Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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