Homemade Gift Certificates - Tips and Ideas for Making These Special Presents

Need some help with making homemade gift certificates?

Here are some useful tips, ideas and suggestions to guide you.

Gift certificates are a fun and unique present for anyone from young to old. And don't let your age stop you from giving them either! You can be just as creative with a gift certificate whether you are thirty or thirteen. This article will give you some great ideas as to what to put in a gift certificate as well as how to present them. Read on to learn more about homemade gift certificates.

Things You Need

Following are the basic things you need to make a homemade gift certificate:

  • Pens in assorted colors and nib widths
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Stapler or hole punch and colored ribbon or thread
  • Colored markers

How to Make Gift Certificates at Home

Here are some ideas to get you started on making your gift certificates:

  • First of all, pick a theme and then think of the things related to that theme. For instance, if it is Mother's Day, you might think of things that a mother would appreciate, such as 'good for 1 washing dishes', or for Father's Day, 'good for 1 football game uninterrupted'. You will be surprised at how easy it is to come up with creative ideas once you have a theme in mind.

  • If you have a computer and a printer at home, you can easily create your own homemade gift certificates. Pick a creative font, or a different font for each certificate, and add clip-art for a finishing touch.

  • Once you have printed, stamped, handwritten, or drawn the certificates, cut them into appropriate sizes and staple or tie them together to form a booklet. You could also cut them into assorted shapes and sizes and put them into a small folded pocket. This works especially well if you laminate them.

  • Think of a creative way to wrap the certificates, such as in a round washed out soda or orange juice can that you can paint or decorate, or perhaps a paper mache box that you have also decorated. The more creative the package, the more of a surprise the inside gift will be.

Things To Keep In Mind

Even though it seems like a simple thing to make a booklet of homemade gift certificates, there are still some things to be aware of.

  • First of all, keep in mind to whom you are going to present your homemade gift certificate. You wouldn't offer car washing to a sibling, for example, especially if they are only 12.

  • If the certificate is for kids, make it accordingly. Room cleaning, substituting chores; think of things that a child would really appreciate. Hugs and kisses are great for a parent to offer, but your little brother might not appreciate your efforts of love as much as he would you helping with homework one night.

  • Remember that if you are gifting a certificate that you are now promising to honor that certificate. When your wife presents you with that 'free washing of dishes', you can't tell her you are too tired tonight to get it done! A deal is a deal, after all.

  • Especially if you are younger, don't make promises that are unrealistic. Offer promises that you reasonably can fulfill. A 3-year-old could offer free hugs to his mom, but dishes duty would unlikely be accomplished successfully.

Made at Home Gift Certificate Ideas

Here are some interesting and useful ideas for your homemade gift certificates.

  • For Kids: If the certificate is for a child, you could make the certificate a dollar amount that they could redeem, you could have a 'get out of jail' free certificate that allows them to make a reasonable error without consequence, or releasing from chores is always appreciated.

  • For Women: If the certificate is for a woman, most women really appreciate getting out of chores for a day. A dinner out is always fun, as is having the kids 'cook a dinner for mom' night. A really nice homemade gift certificate for a mom is an hour of uninterrupted time - moms are extremely thankful for gestures like this.

  • For Men: Certificates for men are not as easy as for kids or women, but there are still many things that you can do for a man. Wash the car, don't touch the remote control for 1 hour, mow the lawn - these are all good ideas for a man's homemade gift certificate. Dads need love, too, though, so don't forget to add some hugs and kisses for your dad if you are a youth making up something for Father's Day. Maybe a 'reading you a story' would be appreciated as well. And, of course, ladies can promise to do something special for their man in the bedroom.

  • Don't go overboard: Don't make so many certificates that you will be fulfilling them for an entire year. A few well thought out certificates are much better than a whole bunch of trivial ones.

You now have enough ideas to get started on your homemade gift certificates. Write down some ideas first to get a good sense of what you want, and remember to have fun! Enjoy!

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