Graduation Cake Ideas - Choosing the Centerpiece of a Graduate's Party

Are you seeking inspiration for graduation cake ideas?

Your child has finally graduated! All that hard work needs to be rewarded, whether his or her graduation is from high school or college.

It's time to celebrate and invite family and friends with you as your son or daughter looks towards the future. If you are getting ready to plan a graduation party, then one thing you will need is a special graduation cake.

Just about everyone loves cake, so you have to decide whether or not your culinary skills are up to baking the cake at home or buying one from the bakery or grocery store. Whichever you choose, you can personalize the cake to suit the graduate's tastes.

As you are brainstorming on graduation cake ideas, you will first have to decide what kind of cake you want. Do you want a sheet cake or a tiered cake? What flavor will please the graduate - and the majority of guests? Once this decision is made, you now have to choose the color of the frosting - school colors are always popular - and how you want to decorate the cake.

You could take the easy way out for graduation cake ideas by baking enough cupcakes for everyone. Decorate them with the school colors and the school name or initials and stack them on a cupcake stand. Then let everyone simply help themselves, but make sure to have enough extra cupcakes to refill the stand.

If you want the graduate's photo to be on the cake, then you should buy the cake, otherwise you can probably handle most other decorative issues if you're a competent baker. If you do buy your graduation cake, make sure to order it well in advance from the bakery, as they are inundated with orders for cakes at graduation time. Choose one that you've used before or one that has been highly recommended to you. Allow more than enough cake for your party, as some people like to have seconds, especially if it's a great cake!

Here are some graduation cake ideas pertaining to the decorating of the cake:

  • School name, Class of 2011, and slogan or team name if your child is in a team or club

  • A parchment scroll and / or a cap with tassel and graduate's name

  • Graduate's name and any scholastic achievement he or she may have attained

  • Sports letter and graduate name

Here's a graduation cake idea - you can bake a large graduation sheet cake (or make two) and cut it so that it looks like a stack of books when it's decorated, and have the "books" stand vertically or horizontally. You would have to use fondant icing for this idea - use dark colors for the book jackets and white fondant for the pages, which you should score with a knife to resemble the pages of a closed book.

You could also cut the sheet cake to resemble an open book with the graduate's high school achievements on one "page" and information about his or her future plans on the other "page".

A tiered graduation cake can be two or three layers high, depending on the number of guests you're expecting. This can be decorated with many of the same themes as a sheet cake, but you won't have as much space to be creative.

No matter what graduation cake ideas you decide on, remember to either order your cake well in advance from a bakery or give yourself plenty of time to make it before the big day. You can bake it and freeze it ahead of time and decorate it when you need it. Don't frost it before freezing, as it will not taste or look how you want it to.

We hope you find the above graduation cake ideas and tips useful. Whether you decide to bake your own graduation cake or have someone else do it for you, enjoy the day and your child's achievements!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Graduation Cake Ideas, Recipes, Tips and Designs?

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