Graduation Centerpieces - Simple Ideas That Stand Out

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for graduation centerpieces? Are you wondering even whether to have them?

Graduation is a special time in a young person's life. It commemorates a great accomplishment and the transition into the next phase of his or her life.

It can be viewed by some as a frightening prospect, that the life they have known for so many years is over and a new one is ready to begin, but for most, it is a time to celebrate what they have achieved and to welcome in the new challenges that they will face in the coming months and years.

When it comes to celebrating this rite of passage, the right graduation centerpieces are an important ingredient to the perfect day.


It doesn't matter if your graduate is a boy or a girl. Flowers can make a great centerpiece for any graduation celebration. The type of flowers that you choose can either be your child's favorite, if he or she has one, or it could be those that match their school colors. You can even have different flowers on each table to add robustness to the room.


Balloons basically make any party a real party. This may be one of the last times that your child celebrates something with balloons as they head off to college or on their own and won't be celebrating their birthday in quite the same way again. Choose balloon colors that match your child's school colors


Blowing bubbles is a great deal of fun whether you're six years old or sixty. You can get small individual bubble vials from almost any craft store these days and just write the date and 'Congratulations' on the bottles. The kids and adults celebrating will enjoy these graduation centerpieces.


If you have some wonderful pictures of your graduating child with his or her friends through the years, you can make great mementos that they can all take home with them. Put these pictures into plastic frames and place them in the center of each table. These graduation centerpieces will certainly get the conversations rolling and the laughs coming.

Graduates do not often think about the importance of mementos for those special occasions in their life, especially when they are young. They often view those times in their life as being just more days in the grand scheme of getting to adulthood, when they can leave home once and for all, be their own person, and have their own independence.

Yet, when they are grown up and on their own for many years, they will suddenly look back on those moments of their youth and wish that they had some reminders of the times they had.

You can certainly have a special day and a nice dinner or meal without graduation centerpieces, and few people would even miss them, but if you think about a wedding reception and how those types of centerpieces really make a major difference in the appearance and tone of the celebration, it will cause you to consider how much better your special graduate's day can be by simply adding some inexpensive yet thoughtful graduation centerpieces to the occasion.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Graduation Centerpieces?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for graduation centerpieces? Share and write about these tips and ideas for graduation center piece decorations here!

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