Prom and Graduation Themes - Creative, Fun and Memorable Ideas

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for fun and creative graduation themes?

Graduation and prom - the two most exciting words in high school. You have worked hard all these years, and it is about time you are able to cut loose and enjoy what will be a lifelong memory for you.

But now that you are on the Grad / Prom committee, where do you begin? The most successful graduations had a theme to follow throughout. From invitations, to food and dress, a theme makes graduation stand out from every other event of the year.

There are so many themes out there, sometimes the most difficult decision you can make is picking one and sticking to it. Once you have a graduation theme, the rest is easy. Everything you design will follow the theme.

This article will help you find a theme that will work for your graduation class.

Ideas for Graduation Themes

  • Popular Decades: Have a blast from the past with any number of fun decades to choose from. The sock hop 50's make for fun costumes and great soda shop style food. The psychedelic 60's will give you some great music, fun outfits, and wild decorations. The 80's can be loads of fun with a disco theme.

  • The Future: Since graduation symbolizes what the future has in store, the future is a great graduation theme. Decorations can be futuristic, the ceiling can be transformed into the solar system, and if your school is keen, you could even theme costumes to the future. Use the TV Series or movie 'Star Trek' for your reference material.

  • Circus: The circus is such an imaginative theme and the decorations can be amazing with a circus theme. If you are located in a large city, you could possible hire acrobats, or a small circus act, to perform. Transform the school gym into the Big Top, and have the emcee dressed as a ringmaster.

  • A Night at The Oscars: A red carpet, beautiful gowns, tuxedos and top hats, a Night at The Oscars theme is perfect for a more formal graduation / prom night.

  • Arabian Nights: Think of a large opulent tent with thick Persian carpets and beautiful costumes. Arabian Nights is another wonderful graduation theme. Food can be authentic Arabian fare with typical eastern music playing in the background during dinner. Belly dancers could provide some light entertainment, and tables could be low to the floor with large pillows for seating.

  • Famous Movie or Book: Alice in Wonderland, The Enchanted Garden, Under the Sea, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, The Three Musketeers - all of these make wonderful themes for graduation / prom. From decorations to clothing, imaginations will kick in to full gear to adhere to any of these graduation themes.

  • Vegas / Casino Royale: With a theme like this, graduation / prom will be one to remember. Part of your gym can be made into a Vegas games room with roulette, wheels, and card games. James Bond would be the look the men are after for attire, while the women could focus on being the perfect Bond girl. Sparkling cider can be served in martini glasses, shaken not stirred.

  • All Time Favorites: There are always a few graduation themes that reappear over and over. This would be because they are so successful and provide magical memories for everyone involved. Some of the all time favorites include Mardis Gras, Starry Night / Dreams, Masquerade Ball, The Orient Express, Famous Couples From Literature, and Renaissance or Camelot - these are just a few of the most popular graduation themes.

    No matter what theme you choose, it will be fun to plan everything from invitations and advertising to decorations and costumes according to your graduation / prom theme.

    For a Camelot theme, you can even include the chaperones in the fun by having them dress as heralds and guards. Heralds can hold a large scroll with the names of the attendees to be announced with the blowing of a horn when the King and Queen finally arrive, a little fashionably late of course!

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Graduation Themes?

    Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for graduation themes? Share and write about these tips and ideas for graduation and prom themes here!

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