Ideas for Halloween Party Snacks, Treats, Finger Foods, Drinks and Other Menu Items

Do you need some tips and ideas for preparing Halloween party snacks?

Planning a party can be nerve racking as well as time consuming, so as you go into the project, realize you may not be able to do it all yourself, and that the local bakery may just become your best friend.

The second thing to consider is that it is okay everything is not homemade, and that letting someone else do the actual baking will save you lots of time. The third thing to remember is that snacks are different from a meal. People at parties generally mill about - keep snacks in mind that people can walk around with easily. That said, plan your party accordingly.

Halloween party snacks do not all have to be sweet, either, though the celebration is traditionally sugar oriented. A good mixture of sweet treats and more healthy choices will keep your guests feeling good for the duration of your party. Of course, you will want candy corn and / or seasonal M&M's mixed with nuts placed in strategic places around the room, but you can also be creative and serve 'a shot of blood' spicy tomato soup in throw away cups as they enter the party.

Vegetable trays with green tinted dips can be served sandwiched between fudge covered cookies with slightly melted kisses gently pressed onto the top of them for witch hats on one side and cup cakes that have been decorated to look like either spiders or jack-o-lanterns on the other. Don't forget the crooked smile!

Guest never get tired of tried and true Halloween party snacks such as rice crispy treats cut out in the shape of ghosts - and iced white, of course, or deviled eggs when they are topped with a whipped cheese from a can and touched up with red glaze to resemble blood shot eyes. There are also caramel apples that can be topped with the candied treat and sprinkled with nuts after they have been bobbed for.

Meat, cheese and crackers always make a good tray of easy Halloween party snacks. Vary the choices of both meat and cheese and serve with several choices of olives and cocktail onions along with toothpicks for those who do not want crackers.

Small popcorn balls are a good finger food, and even some crock pot items can be okay for Halloween party snacks if small plastic plates and spoons are provided for easy disposal. Thickened chili makes a great dip for both crackers and scoop type corn chips, and can be warming if the weather is on the cool side.

Make the punch bowl interesting. Cranberry cocktail is a good color, and ice cubes frozen with edible bugs, gummy worms and other interesting Halloween items can make the drink table fun to visit. There has also got to be one big 'dangerous' eyeball in there, as well. Have plenty on hand and serve it from a cauldron type container, if at all possible.

All in all, Halloween is a treats kind of celebration, so have plenty for your Halloween party snacks - candy, cut out cookies decorated with black, purple and green icing, and at least one sheet cake decorated as the creepy graveyard in everyone's nightmare.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Recipes, Tips and Ideas for Halloween Party Snacks?

Do YOU have in mind some great recipes, tips and ideas for Halloween party snacks? Share and write about these recipes, ideas and tips for Halloween snacks, treats and finger foods here!

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