Fun Christmas Games to Play at Your Party or Gathering

Are you seeking ideas for some fun Christmas games to play?

Christmas is a time of celebration. It is a time for friends and family to get together and enjoy the meaning of the season, the fellowship of loved ones, plus fun games and activities.

Here are a number of fun Christmas games you can either play with your classroom, your friends at your Christmas party, or your family.

A wonderfully fun Christmas game to play at your office Christmas party is Dirty Santa. Dirty Santa is a simple game, and an all-time holiday office party favorite. This works very well with small to medium sized groups.

Simply instruct everyone attending the party to purchase a gift and wrap it up - to make sure everyone in your company has a chance to participate, set a price limit. When it comes time for the gift exchange, have everyone draw a number out of a hat or bowl (the numbers should not exceed the number of guests).

The person who drew number one gets to pick a gift first. The person with number two has the option of being a good elf and taking a new gift from under the tree, or being a dirty Santa and taking the gift from the first person to choose. You keep going down the line of numbers until you get to the last gift / number.

Each person has the choice of being the good elf or the dirty Santa. If a person does have their gift taken by a dirty Santa, that person gets to either pick a new gift from under the tree, or be dirty Santa to someone who already has an opened gift. By the end, each person should have a gift and a fun time has been had by all.

Need more ideas for fun Christmas games?

Another fun gift giving game includes passing gifts depending on a story. Write a story using the words right and left several times throughout the tale. Instruct everyone to stand in a circle holding the gift they have brought to the party.

Tell them you are going to read a story and, when they hear the word "right", they are to pass their gift to the right and, when they hear "left", they are to pass the gift to the left. By the time you reach the end of your story, each person should have a different gift than the one he or she brought.

A fun Christmas game for children would be the stocking guessing game. Have the children sit in a circle. Place items in a stocking and pass it around. Let the children guess what is in the stocking and when a child guesses correctly, he or she will get that particular stocking. Once they get a stocking, they leave the circle and the next stocking is passed around.

Continue the game until every child has a stocking with a gift inside. Make sure that you number each stocking and have a list of what is in each one so you will know if the child has guessed correctly.

When planning your holiday gathering, make sure you include fun Christmas games as part of your celebration. They are wonderful ways of including gift giving with a fun activity that is sure to be enjoyed and loved by all.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Fun Christmas Games?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for fun Christmas games? Share and write about these tips and ideas for games which can be played at Christmas parties here!

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