Kids' Christmas Fun - Activities and Games the Children Can Enjoy

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for kids' Christmas fun?

The most important people at Christmas are the children. You know they'll have a great time opening their gifts, but what fun things do you have planned for them during the rest of their Christmas vacation?

Make a list of fun ideas for your kids well ahead of the Christmas season; try to plan a trip to the movies or a theme park - even if they've already visited the theme park, they will have fun seeing it decorated for the Christmas season.

If they're old enough and interested enough, why not take them to see a performance of the Nutcracker ballet? This is a Christmas fun "must" for the kids in our family and need not be expensive if you can find a show at your local ballet school or regional theater.

If you're enjoying a white Christmas, here is a kids' Christmas fun activity - bundle the children up in their winter clothes and have them play some games outside in the snow for their Christmas fun. Choose teams of two - use an adult and child if some of the kids are small - and see who can make the biggest snowball by rolling a small snowball in the snow until it grows to giant proportions.

For the little kids' Christmas fun indoors, you can download many activities from the internet, such as making a Christmas alphabet book. You simply print out the pages, color them in and sew into a book with red or green yarn. This could also do double duty as a gift for a grandparent.

There are also many Christmas mazes you can download from internet sites and print out to keep the kids busy, or a printable game where they can help Santa's elf put gifts into the correct box, whether it's a triangle, circle or square.

On Christmas Day, you might need to find fun ways to occupy them when they're tired of playing with their new toys - one way is to play Santa Says (a Christmas variation on Simon Says). You should have several willing helpers if you have family over. This kids' Christmas fun activity works well if you have several small children at your family gathering.

Another kids' Christmas fun idea is to play "Pass the Gift". You will need to prepare for this one by placing a small gift in a small box, wrapping it up and placing the wrapped gift in a larger box, wrapping that one with a different paper and placing it in a larger box - and so on - until you run out of boxes, paper, or the will to live!

Sit the kids in a circle and play Christmas carols on your radio or CD player. Stop the music after a few minutes, and whoever is holding the box has to tear off one layer of wrapping paper, open the box and take the next wrapped box out. Start the music again and continue with the game until the last box is unwrapped - the person holding the gift gets to keep it. You may want to have two or three of these gifts ready for repeat games.

Secret Santa game is a great kids' Christmas fun game - cut out a small Santa figure and glue it onto a card. Stick a piece of double-sided tape to the back and secretly place it on someone's back when you give them their Christmas hug. The kids love this one - and usually give the game away by giggling helplessly. Once the person wearing the Secret Santa realizes it's stuck on his or her back, they then have to get rid of it by pasting it onto another unsuspecting guest. By the end of the day, most of your guests will have worn the Secret Santa!

We hope you and the children at your Christmas celebration enjoy these kids' Christmas fun activities and games!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Kids' Christmas Fun?

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