Homemade Gifts for Teachers - Presents You Can Make

Do you need some ideas and tips for homemade gifts for teachers?

It is tradition to present a gift to the teacher at the end of the school season as well as at Christmas or the Holidays.

Although teachers appreciate gifts of any nature, the days of presenting a simple apple are long gone. Gifts to teachers are getting more expensive and outrageous as the years go by.

Why not get back to simpler times and make your gift really stand out by presenting your teacher with a homemade gift? Homemade gifts for teachers show that you care enough to invest your time into making or creating something especially for them, making the gift even more valuable.

Top Homemade Gift Ideas for Presents for Teachers

Here are some popular homemade gifts and basket ideas for teachers, and guidelines on how to make these homemade gifts for teachers.

  • Entertainment Basket: Nothing would be nicer for your teacher than an entertainment basket presented by you. Let them know that you think they deserve some relaxation for all of their hard work. Pick out a suitable basket and arrange a collection of a good movie DVD, a package of licorice, a box of popcorn or even some homemade popcorn balls, a bottle of iced tea, and anything else you can think of that you would have on a movie night. Wrap this up with some clear cellophane and make a tag that looks like a movie admission ticket.

  • Aroma Basket: Another of the homemade gifts for teachers is an aroma basket, which is a nice soothing present for a teacher. A reusable basket filled with things like a scented candle, some scented bubble bath or bath bomb, a nice handmade soap, etc - use your imagination and think of things that smell great and would work well in this type of gift basket.

  • Gourmet Tea or Coffee Basket: Make a lovely arrangement of assorted gourmet teas or flavored coffees and add a nice coffee mug or tea cup.

  • Homemade Delicacies: A gift of homemade goodies is always a hit. Fill up a tin, basket, box, or whatever you have handy with homemade cookies, small banana bread loaves, peanut brittle, or whatever your specialty is. Your teacher will really appreciate the effort you put into this, and it gives you an opportunity to show off your culinary skills.

  • Creative Tote Bags: This is a really fun gift idea and gives you a chance to show off your artistic skills. For such homemade gifts for teachers, a plain canvas bag is all you need to get started. You can use regular acrylic paint and design a picture, or decorative napkins and decoupage to create a collage; you are only limited by your imagination. It would be fun to fill the bag with items that are useful to your teacher - maybe fill it with a supply of all the things you have borrowed throughout the year; pencils, tissue, white out, you get the idea?

  • Potted Plant: Potted plants are a very nice gift for your teacher. To make it a little more homemade, purchase a pot that you can decorate or personalize. You could also decorate an empty pot and fill it with an unopened bag of potting soil, some seeds, and a couple of hand tools.

  • Innovative Notepads: This is one of the most useful homemade gifts for teachers that you can prepare for your teacher at home. Purchase a plain notepad from a stationery shop and customize it by adding drawings, pictures or quotes. If you have stamps, stamping their initials on the top of each page gives your gift a unique personalized touch. You can add some envelopes and add the same design on those as well. You have now created a personalized stationary set for your teacher.

  • Personalized Photo Album: A personalized photo album is another of the possible homemade gifts for teachers. Purchase a plain photo album and decorate the cover. If you like, take a few pictures throughout the year of special events and add them to the photo album. Make sure to leave some space so the teacher can also add his or her own photos.

    You now have many ideas for presenting your teacher with a homemade gift. When brainstorming ideas for homemade gifts for teachers, try to think about what they would appreciate or use the most, and do have fun making your gift. Remember to add a handmade card for a nice finishing touch.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Homemade Gifts for Teachers?

    Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for homemade gifts for teachers? Share and write about these tips and ideas for handmade presents for teachers here!

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