Unique Teacher Gifts - Ideas for Special Presents

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for unique teacher gifts?

Teachers give the best of themselves to your children. Why not show your appreciation for all of the long hours and hard work your child's teacher has given with a unique present?

A special and unique teacher gift doesn't have to be just for holidays either. A teacher will appreciate a unique gift at any time of the year. This article will give you some great ideas when you are searching for unusual teacher gifts.

Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

  • Dinner Basket: Any teacher will be thrilled to receive a pre-cooked dinner 'basket'. Next time you are making your favorite casserole or spaghetti sauce, make extra. Add the fixings; if you have made spaghetti sauce, add pasta, some fresh parmesan cheese, salad fixings, and a loaf of garlic bread. Your child's teacher will be so appreciative of such a thoughtful gift.

  • The Gift of Reading: Every teacher loves to read. Do a little investigating and find out what the teacher's favorite author is. Two or three best seller novels would be a great gift if you are unsure what type of book to get.

  • Reading Chair: A simple director's chair becomes a treasured work of art with a little help from the class. Remove the canvas from the director's chair and mark it off in sections. Have each child write a special note in permanent ink along with their handprint. Make sure you leave room for the year as well. Any teacher would love a unique teacher gift like this.

  • Flowers: Although everyone loves flowers, make your gift of flowers unique by making them more than just cut flowers from the florist. A nice pot, some potting soil, a pretty hand trowel with matching gloves, plus seeds and you have made this a truly unique gift for your child's teacher.

  • Night at The Movies: Packaged popcorn, some licorice, a gift certificate from your local movie rental store; tuck it all into a pretty bowl wrapped in cellophane for a really thoughtful and unique teacher gift.

  • Recipe Book: For the really ambitious, this is a wonderful memento for any teacher to cherish for many years. Have each child bring in their favorite family recipe. Mount them scrapbook style in a binder, adding quotes about cooking and eating from all of the kids. This is a one of a kind, unique gift that is as useful as it is precious.

  • Teacher Survival Kit: Pack a pretty little box with hand sanitizer, chap-stick, mini tissue, a nice pen and mechanical pencil, some gum, band-aids, aspirin, and add something fun like a favorite chocolate bar. Your teacher will be happy to tuck this into his / her desk and it is something he / she will actually use!

  • Gift Visa: Get the entire class to chip in for a gift visa. Your teacher will be thrilled to have a gift certificate that he / she can use anywhere, and with the entire class chipping in, the denomination can be significant. This is a very useful and unique gift that will be much appreciated.

    Any one of the above ideas is a unique gift for any teacher. You will be surprised at how easy it is to find a unique teacher gift now that you have a few ideas to start with. Personalize any gift to make it even more unique and special.

    All the best!

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Creative or Unique Teacher Gifts?

    Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for creative or unique teacher gifts? Share and write about these tips and ideas for unusual presents for teachers here!

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