Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts - Make Your Own Presents to Thank Teachers

Do you wish to make your own homemade teacher appreciation gifts?

Anyone who has kids has a dozen ideas for a teacher appreciation gift. After all, these people take our children and work hard for a positive end result. It is a given that they deserve a token, however small or large, for a job well done.

Many people opt for baked goodies - cookies, coffee cakes, sweet breads, cupcakes and pies, for homemade teacher appreciation gifts. And can't you just imagine all the flavors to match the categories - chocolate at the top of the list.

A teacher friend of ours was so delighted to have three youngsters from the same family for a total of five years. She said she looked forward to the fresh homemade cheddar cheese bread every year - once at Thanksgiving and once at the end of the year.

There are some people who do not bake well, though. A candy bar bouquet can work just as well as a homemade teacher appreciation gift. Other wrapped goodies already prepared can be used as well, simply by securing them to skewers and then sinking them into Styrofoam that has been prepared in an appropriate basket.

Still others can find brightly colored picture frames to personalize with a caricature of teacher complete with a few 'students' looking on, or a favorite snap you happened to get unawares. If nothing else, a poem can be written and printed off on contrasting colored paper for a dramatic effect. Flowers can be glued onto the frames that have been handmade from crepe or tissue paper, silks or folded ribbons.

For men, articles found in nature can be used, or raised letters glued on the spell: Thanks for the year.

Need more homemade teacher appreciation gift ideas?

Cups can be purchased to fit his / her personality and then filled with coffee or tea packets, some candy, and perhaps a small journal or devotional. For clear glass or crystal glass, etch can be purchased and just about anything can be etched onto the piece to personalize it. Caricatures created in this manner, though they are tedious to make, are outstanding.

Print shops have a ton of resources at their disposal - take advantage of it to create your own homemade teacher appreciation gifts. Put together the events of the year the teacher was involved in, complete with pictures, such as: trip to near-by dam to see how it works, trip to fish hatchery, trip to museum, observatory as well as 4th of July picnic and various sports events.

Also, let students write messages. All of these can be placed throughout the calendar school year with students' class picture for a year she / he can look back over from time to time.

Plants are a nice homemade teacher appreciation gift - potted ones, in particular, and designing the clay pot can be fun for the whole class. Let each student dip his finger in a bright paint and then press it onto the pot. When this has been completed by all, set the pot aside to dry.

Have an artistic person come behind and put faces on all of the prints that are elongated to begin the process of the 'bugs.' When that has a chance to dry, paint ruffles around the more round prints for flowers. You can include a message about a year's worth of growth, or just add names near corresponding prints.

Do you now have some inspiration for what homemade teacher appreciation gifts to make and give?

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gifts?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for homemade teacher appreciation gifts? Share and write about these tips and ideas for handmade teacher appreciation presents here!

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