Homemade Teacher Gifts - Ideas for Handmade Presents

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for homemade teacher gifts?

There are many options for homemade presents that will show your child's appreciation for a special teacher.

One idea is to make a picture of your child's hand forming a closed flower (a handprint with the fingers closed) growing into an open flower (a handprint with the fingers spread open), with the caption "Teachers Help Kids Grow". This is a really nice idea and easy to make with younger children. It can be done on a t-shirt or canvas bag, or simply on piece of paper, which you can put into a frame. This is a meaningful homemade teacher gift and the finished effect is really cute.

For older children, a homemade hall pass can be made for the teacher to hang on a cabinet door or coat hook so it is always ready when needed. You can make one generic "Hall Pass" or several special passes that say "Office", "Library", "Nurse", and "Bathroom". These are made from craft foam and make fun gifts that teachers can reuse for the whole school year.

Items such as teacher appreciation certificates and handmade Christmas ornaments also make nice homemade teacher gifts.

Each student in class could make a flower, and teacher will be thrilled with the "bouquet" he or she is going to receive. Another homemade teacher gift idea is a "feel good flip book"; for this idea, each kid adds his or her own photo to a large card and then pens some nice thoughts about the teacher. All the cards are then bound together using binder rings. What a wonderful memento this is for teacher!

Does your child's class have a class pet? If they do, their teacher is probably using his or her own money to take care of the pet. You could create a gift basket and put together inexpensive items which would be useful, such as pet food and treats, toys for the pet, shavings, etc.

Have your child make a homemade bookmark for the teacher - complete with a photo of him or her printed onto it.

Here's another homemade teacher gift idea - how about making a basket of teacher's favorite cookies or a batch of brownies or cupcakes? Most teachers are so busy that they don't have the time to do this for themselves; but try to find out their preferences before you start to bake!

Another idea is to buy plain note cards and envelopes and have your child use rubber stamps to decorate the note cards, or simply print the teacher's name on them. Don't forget to include a note from your child.

You could use a group photo of your child's entire class and transfer it to a t-shirt. Have all the children sign their names around the photo. Or, if this involves too much organization in getting all the other parents involved, just put your child's school photo on the t-shirt and have him or her write a short "Thank you" message beside it in fabric paint.

Picture frames can be found at the dollar store. Have your child write a short note of appreciation and put it in the frame, and you'll have a simple homemade teacher gift.

My mother once gave me a gift that I will treasure forever, and it would also be an appropriate gift for a special teacher. Take a small envelope or a tiny box, insert the following poem and gift wrap it. (The source of this poem is unknown.)

This is a very special gift
That you can never see.
The reason it's so special is
It comes to you from me.
Whenever you are lonely
or even feeling blue.
You only have to hold this gift,
and know I think of you.
You never can unwrap it.
Please leave the ribbon tied.
Just hold the box close to your heart,
It's filled with LOVE inside.

For a pre-school teacher who has to deal with small children and pots of paint - a highly toxic mixture - a personalized, decorated waterproof apron would make a great homemade teacher gift.

You could buy a scrap book that the teacher can use for the classroom. Fill the first few pages with notes and photos of as many children as you can get to cooperate.

Remember, the presents that teachers love the most are personal items of any kind from the children they have taught. So, for homemade teacher gifts, let your creativity and imagination flow!

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