Kindergarten Graduation Ideas for Celebrating the Wonderful Occasion

Are you in need of some kindergarten graduation ideas to help you celebrate the occasion?

Children start school at a tender age. I was almost six, my children were five and my grandchildren are four. And even though it is hard to see them go so young, it is amazing to see how hard they work trying to accomplish everything their teacher sets before them - their colors, numbers, the alphabet song and learning to stay in the lines.

By the end of the year, even though it's just half a day in many areas, they have learned to stack blocks with a steady hand, they can use a pair of scissors, and they have tackled the letters of their name. Perfectly? Maybe not, but in most cases, they have done their best. Graduating in little pink and / or blue gowns, 'like the big kids', should be the first of many rewards for their tremendous accomplishments.

Many people think graduating kindergarten is a waste of time - that they'll be learning every year from now until college. But this first year of kindergarten will be their first hurdle in leaving everything they have always known behind to go off to school. They deserve the attention. So on one of the last days of school, just as they are getting out for the day, plan a special ceremony - complete with invites to family and friends, just to honor them.

After the ceremony, you can have a get together with finger foods, some age appropriate music, and some games they can play with their families as well as fellow graduates - these are possible kindergarten graduation ideas to celebrate the occasion.

Breaking a pinata filled with candy is always fun, and how about pin the tassel on the graduates' cap? And don't forget to send them home with plenty of goodies and graduation party favors. Oh, yes, they have them for juveniles, too.

A celebration for kindergarteners does not have to be elaborate, and kindergarten graduation ideas can be basic and simple. At their age, the fact that they are having a party, the look of the cake, and the fact that the good punch bowl with all the neat floating icy things is being used has already taken their breath away.

Some specially printed and rolled up diploma (found on the internet) passed out as they leave for the day, other than some favors, some printed programs, and the gown rental should be about the bulk of the expense for kindergarten graduation ideas.

Parents can get together for decorations and the foods that will be served - possibly sharing in the responsibility of providing them. Use disposable place settings and utensils, and have appointed people at the punch bowl and cutting the graduation cake - or passing out cupcakes would even be easier.

As part of kindergarten graduation ideas, don't forget their teacher. Remember she is the one that took your place, taught them so patiently and smiled when she wanted to cry. Get her a gift certificate to someplace nice - or even having each child presenting her with a flower as they leave would be a nice gesture. Just be sure someone remembers the vase of water for them if you do that.

With these simple kindergarten graduation ideas, you should be able to have a fine celebration. Last but not least, designate at least two people to take pictures. Get at least one half dozen disposable cameras and let anyone who has digital cameras know to bring them. You'll never have enough pictures of this event!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Kindergarten Graduation Ideas and Tips?

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