New Dad Gift Ideas - Presents Which Will Give the Rookie Father a Hand

Are you seeking inspiration for new dad gift ideas?

A new baby comes with excitement, worry, and happiness, and all these emotions are not the sole property of the mother-to-be. New dads are also filled with the same excitement and joy.

Often, when parties or gifts are planned for a new baby, the mother is the focus of attention; however, more and more people are recognizing fathers in this time-honored tradition and are exploring new dad gift ideas, too.

What are some gift ideas for the new dad? Being a new father presents many unique challenges. Fathers play an integral role in the care of the new baby, so it is important that when thinking of new dad gift ideas, you find presents that will help the new dad meet these challenges.

There are many creative things you can do to craft a unique gift for the father-to-be. One is to fix up a "male specific" diaper bag (one that the dad-to-be can carry with him without jeopardizing his masculinity). To create the manly diaper bag, you will need the following: a carpenter belt with pockets (you can find this at most hardware stores), diapers, bottles, wipes, powders, and other baby accessories. Simply take the baby items and fill the pockets on the carpenter belt.

Another new dad gift idea is the new father's survival kit. This is another opportunity for you to create a unique gift for the new dad. To create a new father's survival kit, take one backpack and add items of your choice. Some items to consider adding would be matching t-shirts for the new father and new baby, energy bars (to help the new dad get through the day after the baby has cried all night), and the standard items usually found in a diaper bag.

Both of the above ideas can also be adapted to other carriers, such as a tool box, cooler or work bag or briefcase.

Another new dad gift idea (one that will help the new mother as well) could be a subscription to a meal of the month club. You can enroll the new couple in a dinner or breakfast of the month club for three to six months. This gives both new parents a break from meal preparation at least one day out of the month. Other variations would be a dessert of the month club (providing a yummy treat once a month).

One of the best gifts that you can give to the new father (or mother) is a gift of time. Especially during the first three months, both parents will experience a great deal of sleep deprivation (either from the baby crying at night, or from worry about the new responsibility), so a gift of babysitting coupons is a wonderful new dad gift idea. This present gives the new couple a chance to rest and enjoy each other's company.

You can also give the new parents handmade coupons for meal preparation, yard work completion or other household chores that the new parents may not have time to complete in the first few months with the new baby.

Whatever new dad gift idea you choose, you will make a big impression on the new parents. By giving the new dad a present, you are showing that you wish to share in his joy and excitement over the new addition to his family.

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