Cool Gifts for Dad - Nice Presents for Fathers

Do you need some ideas for cool gifts for Dad?

When it comes to gift giving, you have to feel sorry for Dads! They would love a 42" plasma TV, but often end up with socks and ties they'll only wear when you're around to see them!

You have to use your imagination and really think about what your Dad would love to have handed to him on his special day - whether it's his birthday, Father's Day, Christmas Day - or just because you saw something and thought of him.

What does he like? What are his hobbies? Does he love a good glass of wine? Is he into gadgets and gizmos? Is he a sports fan? A budding chef? Do you ever remember him receiving a gift that he absolutely loved?

Make a list if you have to, and take your clues for cool gifts for Dad from it. The secret is to find a gift that he's always dreamed about - or if you can't manage to do that because of cost or availability, then give him something you absolutely know he'll love.

If he likes to repair things, perhaps he could use a new tool belt? If he uses duct tape to fix most things around the house, then the perfect gift for him would be a duct tape wallet! Yes, the cover is made from a special duct tape so that it won't curl up or stick to things. These are really cool, and probably none of his friends have one yet.

There are many cool gifts for Dads who enjoy their wine - from electronic corkscrews to wine racks. You could give him an under-cabinet wine rack that would keep his white and red wine at the correct temperature. Again, if your budget won't stretch too far, then you can give him a single bottle wine chiller. A wine preserver pump to keep the wine fresh, or an instant wine aerator so that he doesn't have to wait for his red wine to "breathe", are fairly new ideas on the market that he probably doesn't have yet.

Need more ideas for cool gifts for Dad?

If Dad travels a lot, then a stainless steel security wallet will protect the contents of his billfold and prevent identity theft while he's away from home for around $50.00. He will also thank you every time he flies when he uses the really cool noise-canceling headphones you bought him to tune out annoying sounds during a flight; or perhaps you could buy him his own soft neck pillow, as many airlines no longer provide them.

You have dozens (if not hundreds) of choices for cool gifts for Dads who are "Techie" - gadget chargers for the car; a charging station for home; a rechargeable backup battery for his iPod or laptop; a new 'skin' for his phone or laptop. If he likes to read, he would love an electronic book reader or his favorite book to play on it - if your budget's small, then perhaps a book light or a lighted magnifier would save his eyes from strain.

And now to the sports fan Dad. Here, the list of possible cool gifts for Dad is endless, but try not to give him a t-shirt of his favorite team's logo! He probably has dozens of them already. Think outside the box - buy him a couple of tickets to a game instead. Season tickets would be wonderful, but expensive. If he watches the kids playing sports, you could give him a cooler that's also a stool - a very handy addition to a Little League game - for him and the kids.

If he thinks he's Emeril Lagasse, then treat him to some cool gourmet sauces and hot rubs, or some new BBQ tools and a grill light. You can even get a talking wireless thermometer that will tell him when the steaks are done - so he can sit back and relax with friends and family without being tied to the grill.

So, did you find any ideas for cool gifts for Dad which appeal to you? If you put a lot of thought into choosing his present, your Dad will know it and appreciate the gift even more. And love you forever.

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