Baby Shower Gifts for Dad - Great Presents for Father

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for nice baby shower gifts for Dad?

With the new age phenomena of being a hip and cool dad growing in popularity, Dads should also be included in the baby shower celebration. Giving Dads gifts at the baby shower is the perfect way to include Dad in the anticipation and excitement of preparing for the new arrival.

Here are some interesting baby shower gifts for Dad.

A Dad survival kit is a stunning, brand new idea, and the best part is that you can put it together yourself without it costing a fortune. The basic essentials of the Dad survival kit should definitely include a couple of spare baby grows for baby as well as some spare T-shirts for Dad in case of a mishap. Throw in some diapers, bottles and a toy that makes a noise to keep baby busy, and you are on your way to putting together the perfect present for Dad.

Dad also needs something to keep him refreshed and invigorated, so add a travel mug for Dad to drink his favorite beverage out of, and put all these goodies in a nice bright nappy bag. Dad can now safely grab his survival kit in one hand, baby in the other, and still get out of the house in time for work.

Need more ideas for baby shower gifts for Dad?

Dad will absolutely love some help with changing those diapers, so make him a diaper changing apron with plenty of pockets to keep those much needed accessories close at hand. This is easy to make yourself - all you need is a readymade apron (or you can make your own apron), sew a few extra pockets on the front, and decorate the apron with an iron-on print of your choice.

You can fill the pockets with anything that will help Dad change diapers, including a nose peg (for those not-so-nice smelling diapers), ear plugs, headache tablets, and of course diapers with a big packet of wet wipes.

If the Dad-to-be likes to read books, another of the possible baby shower gifts for Dad is a book on how to be a good father, or anything that will help him answer some of the questions he is bound to have. Giving Dad children's books which he can read to the new arrival at bedtime is also a great idea, and will help give Dad some time to bond with his new baby.

Dad-to-be's will always need some help changing and arranging their schedule to accommodate the new arrival, so getting Dad a diary which he can write the baby's schedule or routine is yet another of the baby shower gifts for Dad that will really help. Add important dates like baby's first birthday as well as baby's first month to help him remember to spend time with the new baby.

A baby monitor added to this gift will also help Dad to monitor the baby while mom is having a relaxing bath or getting her hair done at the salon.

Any of the suggested baby shower gifts for Dad will help him to feel important and involved in preparing for the new baby to arrive, and this will encourage him to play an active part in the baby's first year. Have fun looking for baby shower presents for Dad!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Baby Shower Gifts for Dad?

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