Great Gifts for Dad - Presents that Your Father Will Enjoy

Do you need some ideas for great gifts for Dad?

Whether it's Father's Day, Christmas, or your Dad's birthday, it is always a good idea to think ahead about great gift ideas for good ole Dad. Don't wait until the last minute to purchase your gift.

Check out these fantastic ideas for gifts for your father!

Remember when we were kids and how Mom and Dad used to love getting homemade cards from us at holidays? Well, let me assure you that you are never too old to give a personalized gift such as words from your heart to your dad as a gift.

One of the great gifts for Dad is to consider writing a poem for your father thanking him and simply telling him that you love him. It doesn't necessarily have to rhyme to be a poem. It can be short or long, but the key is to write it from the heart. You can type it on cardstock paper with a nice font, print it out, and give it to your Dad. I assure you he'll be grateful.

Many Dads love sports, so if you really want to see a big smile, then purchase some sports tickets to the next big football or basketball game. Go the extra mile and pay for awesome seats and go with him. What a great way to spend a birthday or Father's Day, eating hot dogs and shouting for your favorite team!

Does your dad like to golf? Get him a new set of golf clubs, or pay for a season pass to his favorite golf club - those are great gifts for Dads who love golf. If he's not that good but would like to improve, pay for personalized lessons for him.

I'm not sure of one Dad out there who wouldn't love a couple of massages for a gift. Purchase a gift certificate for massages at a local massage shop. You could purchase just one session, or one a week for a month perhaps. Dads need to be pampered too!

If your dad does not have a big screen TV, then I'll bet he wishes he did. Take him window-shopping sometime to an electronics store and see what televisions he likes. This is another of the great gifts for Dad, and if you surprise him with this awesome gift, he'll be beaming from ear to ear for weeks.

Do you know a man who likes to ask for directions? Not many do, so a Tom Tom Go 740 GPS would make an awesome gift for any dad. This sweet gadget is internet-connected, can access gas stations and has a live Google local search. Your Dad will never get lost again with such a cool gift as this.

Need more ideas for great gifts for Dad? How about the newest and greatest iPhone? Your Dad would love to sit for hours and days playing with and figuring out the latest iPhone. He would smile big and gladly carry that thing around and show it off to his co-workers and friends.

If your dad loves the outdoors, hook him up with new fishing gear or a canoe. If he loves to camp, buy him a new tent, solar-powered shower, air mattress, flashlight, and sleeping bag. If he loves to vacation outdoors, you could plan a trip white-water rafting, and the two of you could go together.

When it comes to great gifts for Dad, it really all boils down to you getting a clue as to what your father likes. Get into some conversations with him and see what his interests are. Ask him what he would love to be able to buy if he had the money.

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