Unique Gifts for Dad - Ideas for Presents to Make Your Father Smile

Are you wondering what would be unique gifts for dad which would make him happy?

Receiving a gift is always special. But you shouldn't have to wait for a special occasion to let someone know you love them, think they are special, or want them to feel appreciated.

Receiving a gift out of the blue will make anyone feel appreciated, especially a dad. Dads seem to get overlooked occasionally, so if you really want to make your dad feel extra special, try surprising him with something unique and special 'just because'.

You can make even the most ordinary gifts unique with just a little thought to personalization. If your dad loves the color blue and loves to garden, a blue flowering perennial lets him know you were thinking just of him when selecting the gift. Here are a few ideas for unique gifts for dad to get you started.

Unique Gifts for Dad

  • Zip-Line Adventure: If your dad is the adventurous type, he will love something like this. He will get to experience the exhilarating feeling of flying, and probably get in some great sight-seeing as well. There are numerous places that offer zip-lining, most of them year-round. If you really want to make it special, book a group event so your dad can share his experience with friends or family, or perhaps both.

  • A Lesson / Class Experience: Does your dad have a secret desire to learn something new? Giving the gift of lessons is a great way to show you have been paying attention to your dad's wishes and dreams. A gift of lessons in any sport such as golf or fly fishing is a good way to combine the outdoors with his lesson experience. Maybe your dad has always expressed an interest in how to build furniture. A woodworking class would be a wonderful opportunity for him to learn the craft. Your dad loves to cook? A class in ethnic cooking might be just the thing to let him know he is special and appreciated. There are lessons and classes for just about everything under the sun. When brainstorming ideas for unique gifts for dad, think about what your dad enjoys and open the phone book. It is that easy.

  • Men's Jewelry: Need more ideas for unique gifts for dad? Most men aren't big jewelry lovers, but on occasion you will come across something that you think your dad just might love. To make a gift of jewelry unique and special, have it engraved with a special sentiment from you to your dad. Every time he wears that piece of jewelry, he will think of you.

  • A spa treatment: Dad's like spas too! Your dad will be thrilled with a massage, pedicure, and perhaps even a facial. He will know that you appreciate how hard he works all week long when presented with a spa gift. Combine this gift with a haircut and your dad will feel like a new man.

  • Something Homemade: If you really want something unique, a handcrafted gift will fill the bill of unique gifts for dad. A jar of jam from his favorite fruit, a cozy crocheted or knitted throw, a handmade golf towel or barbeque apron; any or all of these would make a great, unique gift for your dad. It is easy to personalize a homemade gift as well. Your father will really appreciate the time you put in to making him a handmade gift.

    Sometimes, when you are least expecting it, the perfect unique gifts for dad will jump out in front of you and you will think, 'that would make such a great gift for my dad!' When that happens, don't worry about waiting for a birthday or other special occasion, do something for your dad just because. The smile he gives you in return will be well worth it.

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