Romantic Bedrooms - Decoration Ideas for the Romance Element

Romantic bedrooms can consist of many different things, depending on what a person likes.

If you're interested in updating and changing your bedroom, though, finding the right type of romance for your space is the key to a room that you can not only live in, but love.

By knowing what your personal style is and combining it with elements that can be found in almost any romantic styled room, you can have the space of your dreams.

Elements of romance

When you're looking around for romantic ideas, you might notice that there are some common elements in almost every romantic bedroom, and for many people, the best thing to do is to identify those elements and decide how to make them work in your space.

Some elements that you'll find are:

  • Some kind of flowers. Remember, this is not your grandmother's romantic bedroom. Floral elements can come in all shapes and sizes, such as a large photograph of bright pink tulips. Your floral element can also be soft pink roses combined with stripes.

  • Furniture that looks as if it's been specially designed for the space in which it sits. Most of the time, romantic bed rooms will contain pieces of furniture that have been handpicked. Gone are the days of "bedroom sets". For romance, you should have pieces that work together, but aren't all the same.

  • Beds are a huge focus in a romantic bedroom. Everything from the headboard to the bedding and pillows is essential in this type of room. Consider what is going to make you feel very comfortable and what will make you feel good to sink into. Choose high quality pillows that you're comfortable with, and make sure there are enough to add and arrange when the bed is made. High thread count sheets (500 or higher) take on a soft, silky feel when they are used. Choose bedding that makes you feel like you could stay in bed a little longer then you really have to.

What comes next?

Once you've gotten your main elements down, don't be afraid to repurpose old furniture. If you have a dresser that is unappealing, don't be afraid to give it some paint and new handles, and then reuse it. It will save you a ton of money and give you the custom romantic look that you're seeking.

Also, don't shy away from using different patterns when it comes to textiles. Stripes with a similar shade as the leaves on the roses will tie in beautifully and help to keep your room from looking like an exploded flower pot.

When it comes to the decorations of romantic bedrooms, it's important that you don't forget about your lighting. You can do wonders with an old lamp and a new shade. Give it a coat of fresh paint and add some depth and dimension to the shade that goes with your decor. Chandeliers are really a great way to add ambient lighting in a room and can add a bit of romance. Take your time and shop around a little bit to see what might work in your room.

Ultimately, romantic bedrooms have a lot to do with cozy and comfortable while combining pieces that really mean something to the decorator, so get your ideas going and start choosing your elements for your romantic bed room today. You'll be glad you did.

Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Decorating Romantic Bedrooms?

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