Ideas for Christmas Appetizers to Serve at Your Party

Are you seeking ideas and recipes for Christmas appetizers to serve the guests of your party?

One thing about the holiday season is all the parties. There are parties to host and parties to go to, and all these parties mean that you'll be encountering lots and lots of appetizers.

So, if you're hosting a party of your own, you might want to know about some really great Christmas appetizers to serve your guests.

"Easy Peasy"

Give these a try to complement any kind of crackers. Your guests will love these so much, you might find that you need to have extras on hand.

  • Take a package of cream cheese and lay it on a plate. Cover it with jalapeno jelly and serve with wheat thins or other crispy, light crackers.

  • Try a goat cheese roll with pistachios and cranberries. When you roll the cheese in chopped pistachios and cranberries, your guests will have a pop of flavor with every bite. Plus, you can make it ahead of time and serve with crackers.

  • Blue cheese bacon dip is another easy to make Christmas appetizer. Just combine cooked bacon, garlic, half and half, cream cheese, blue cheese and chives and place the mixture in baking dishes. Bake at 350 degrees F until bubbly and golden, or for about 15 minutes. This dip also pairs well with crackers and you can mix it up ahead of time and bake it when you're ready.

Bit more complex, but full of flavor

These Christmas appetizers are a bit more complex, but the flavor will delight you and your guests alike.

  • Add some class to your holiday party with some Taleggio flatbread. You're making the bread from scratch, so you should only attempt this if you have time and the energy. The flavors of this bread are wonderful, with rosemary, parmesan and Taleggio cheeses and even black truffles, so making it might be worth the endeavor.

  • Try the shrimp with tarragon aioli for a new way to serve up the essential party shrimp. For the aioli, you will need mayonnaise, dill pickles, fresh chopped tarragon and black pepper and kosher salt. Just mix the ingredients together in a bowl and serve with shrimp and cocktail sauce.

  • Afterburners are a great flavor that your guests are sure to love. For these Christmas appetizers, you need shrimp and jalapeno peppers and bacon and Queso if you like. Clean the shrimp and cut the peppers down the length to clean them out. Place a shrimp in a pepper and wrap with bacon. Secure with a wooden tooth pick and broil them until the bacon is done.

  • Baked artichoke dip is great with anything from veggies to crackers and the fact that it's a favorite will help. You need some ingredients, though, so if you're not interested in making it from scratch, many delis offer it and all you have to do is bring it home and bake it for a while.

  • Parmesan - scallion pastries are really delicious and easy to make. All you do is unroll the premade pastry, add the shredded parmesan and scallions, re-roll, slice and bake. These Christmas appetizers are easy to make and great to eat.

  • Cranberry meatballs are easy to make and you can even freeze them ahead of time and make the sauce when you're ready to make them. Plus, this is a versatile Christmas appetizer recipe that you're sure to love.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas, Tips and Recipes for Christmas Appetizers?

Do YOU have in mind some great tips, ideas and recipes for Christmas appetizers? Share and write about these recipes, tips and ideas for Christmas party appetizers here!

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