Christmas Party Activities - Fun Things for Adults and Kids to Do

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for fun Christmas party activities for both kids and adults?

If you're throwing a Christmas party for your children and their friends, you will need to be prepared for boredom to set in very quickly unless you have several activities planned to keep them occupied.

Try to find Christmas party activities that will burn off some of their excess energy before sitting them down for their meal or snacks.

If you're planning on having them play outside, be sure to mention this on the invitations, especially if it's very cold. You could form them into two teams and organize a snow fort or snowman building competition, or take them around the neighborhood to sing Christmas carols - if they're old enough to know one or two - they could also sing "Frosty the Snowman" or "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" if they don't know any Christmas carols. Once everyone is back inside, you can make s'mores and hot chocolate to warm them up while you show age-appropriate Christmas movies.

Christmas party activities need not be complicated - if your party includes adults and children, you can have a great time hosting a Christmas-themed karaoke contest. You can buy a machine that will work with your TV for around $30; well worth the cost when you consider how much fun everyone will have with it. If that isn't an option and you have a piano at home, ask your guests who are musically talented if they will provide the musical accompaniment for a Christmas sing-a-long.

If you have time during the busy Christmas season, plan some craft projects for one of your Christmas party activities. Have an adult work with each child to make a homemade card to send to a friend, or a handmade gift to send to someone who can't attend the party. Or buy some cheap gag gifts at the dollar store, lay them out in another room along with wrapping paper and gift tags, and have an adult and child choose a gift for someone at the party, wrap it up and exchange the gifts later when you have a lull in the activities.

Need more ideas for Christmas party activities?

A Christmas version of 'pin the tail on the donkey' is to have everyone decorate a Christmas tree while blindfolded. Place a small tree on a table and blindfold one player at a time. Lead them to another table where you have placed the ornaments (complete with hooks for hanging) and have the player pick one up - he or she must choose the first one they touch. Lead them to the tree and let them hang the ornament on a branch. Keep turning the tree around so that it will be decorated on all sides, and allow each person to have several turns, if possible.

A lively Christmas party activity is to have a Christmas scavenger hunt. Hide Christmas ornaments, sprigs of holly, candy canes, gift tags, candles, etc., around the house beforehand and prepare a list of articles to be 'scavenged'. Make enough lists for several teams of guests as you won't know how they will want to team up - in pairs or family groups. The team who finds the most items on the list is the winner of this game.

Use a twist on an old party game and play Christmas Charades. Write as many Christmas-related words or phrases onto slips of paper and divide your guests into two teams. Have one team member at a time choose a slip of paper and mime the topic while the rest of the team try to guess the answer. The team with the most correct answers wins, but you will all be having so much fun that most likely nobody will be keeping score!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Christmas Party Activities?

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