Unusual Wedding Presents - Ideas for Unique Gifts

Are you looking for great ideas for unusual wedding presents?

When shopping for wedding gifts, most of us turn to the more traditional type gifts. You know, the pots and pans, picture frames, towel sets, kitchen appliances... the tried-and-true basic, commonly accepted wedding gifts.

This usually inadvertently leads to duplicate items that the bride and groom can't use and will inevitably return to the store or re-gift to someone else, thus perpetuating the cycle of basic, boring, blas'e gift giving.

Nobody wants to be the one whose gifts everybody re-gifts or returns, do they? So why not step out of the norm and find some more unusual wedding presents to give this wedding season? Here are a few examples of unusual wedding gifts below.

Cooking lessons. What an ingenious idea! Pay for a few weeks' worth of cooking lessons for the newlyweds to attend together. This gift is great in that it will teach useful skills in a format that the husband and wife experience together. You're providing an opportunity for adult education and a quality bonding experience where they are sure to learn, laugh, and grow in love, as well as learn a little more about each other's likes and dislikes in the kitchen. If you're really fortunate, maybe they'll call you up after the lessons are completed and thank you by preparing you a gourmet meal!

Another great idea for an unusual wedding present is an artistic display of their last name. If you can, relate the subject to a hobby. If the couple loves the outdoors and have a love for fishing, use fishing lures to spell out each letter of their last name. You can either glue each letter onto a frame, or you can photograph each letter separately, and print them out. Use a photography program and toy with color, reverse positive and negative effects, or simply to brighten and clean up the images. Place in a frame and present as a lovely gift that can be hung in their home.

Need more ideas for unusual wedding presents?

Give the couple a toast to their tenth wedding anniversary. Buy a nice gift box that can hold two bottled beverages. Buy some champagne and a bottle of nice wine. Include two toasting glasses, if you choose. On a small card, write, "Here's champagne to drink together on your honeymoon to celebrate your wedding day." Use a piece of ribbon to tie this card around the champagne bottle. On another card, write, "Here's a bottle of wine for you to drink together in celebration of your tenth wedding anniversary." What a clever idea and way to celebrate in years to come; certainly one of the more unusual wedding presents.

Many couples, especially young newlyweds, won't have the money to splurge on super-nice things for themselves for a few years. Why not lavish them with a set of satin sheets, or sheets made of luxurious Egyptian cotton? This will kindle their romance and make them feel like they are sleeping on a royal bed!

There are a lot of options out there for special, unique and unusual wedding presents. Be original, and come up with some of your own unusual wedding gift ideas, too!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Gift Ideas for Unique or Unusual Wedding Presents?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for unusual wedding presents? Share and write about these unusual wedding gift ideas here!

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