Home Made Christmas Gifts - Practical and Easy Handmade Presents

Are you seeking some great ideas for home made Christmas gifts?

When people think of home made Christmas gifts, they often think of trinkets and such - things nobody really wants, and walk away from the idea before it has time to develop. 'And grabbing something while I'm out shopping is more convenient,' you have convinced yourself.

But say for instance you know three people on your Christmas list who like candles. A great idea is to pick out five related candles for each of them plus a mirror tile, and then bring them home, and set them aside till you have a minute to think. And, by the way, let the candles be tall and short, slim and fat and / or square or round.

Next time you are out, stop in the craft department and pick up some glass etching - it will be perfect to etch an initial or a greeting into the glass by following the instruction on the label. It is not hard. When it is done, arrange the candles on the mirror and stick in a few silk flowers of her favorite color or style. All you need now is a box.

Yes, it was harder than picking up a few candles and putting them in a gift bag, and took more time too, but with your home made Christmas gift, you just sent a message to your friend that she will be reminded of every time she lights the candles.

While you have the glass etching out, for your male friends, a set of drink glasses or beer pilsners with their initial on the front would look pretty cool. Or wine glasses - they do not have to be expensive, with a bottle of wine tucked in a basket along with a cork screw.

Unbaked cookie kits are another good home made Christmas gift idea, especially when you have people on your list who happen to love your chocolate chip cookies with the secret ingredient in it. Your list of items are as easy as the ingredients to your recipe, a canning jar with lid, a ribbon, and a note card telling them what wet ingredients they will need and how long to bake them. The layered dry ingredients are very attractive and, believe me, every bite will be dedicated to you.

If you are going to bake anyway, bake a few extra batches of several of your favorite recipes and arrange them in a box that has already been decorated. Now take some holiday note cards and print your recipes on them. Punch a hole in the top corner, secure with ribbon and attach to the box with your favorite name tag and box dressing. How pretty is this home made Christmas gift?

For grandparents, memory drawings or memory boxes can be easily made simply by drawing a picture of the memory you have of something you did together. For pictures, a grouping of three in matching frames and, for the box, a tin, a decorated cigar box or even a canning jar will do. Fill it with 3x4 cards you have written a memory on, or secured an old picture to, or jotted a piece of advice that person had given you and you never forgot. This makes a wonderfully sentimental home made Christmas gift.

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