Homemade Christmas Presents - Great Ideas for Handmade Christmas Gifts

Giving homemade Christmas presents takes a lot more planning than simply going to the store and choosing something that you hope will be appreciated; you have to buy your supplies and set aside enough time to make your handmade item so that it's finished before Christmas.

This is doubly important if you are making several homemade presents.

Grandparents will love anything made by their grandchildren - whether it be something they have made at school; a gift made from a kit; a plain photo frame decorated by the children; or you could consider taking the best of the children's artwork and making it into a book that is good enough to be displayed and will be cherished forever.

A wonderful homemade Christmas present for a friend or neighbor would be a small decorated rosemary tree. Simply purchase the nicest one you can find and decorate it with handmade ornaments. You can make the ornaments from pieces of old costume jewelry or beads purchased from the craft store; if you want to supplement your homemade decorations, you can purchase miniature ornaments made for doll house trees.

Silver or gold ribbon can be used instead of tinsel, or make several long strings of small beads and drape them around the tree. A small star-shaped Christmas tree ornament can be used as a tree topper. The tree will give off the wonderful scent of rosemary all through the Christmas season, and can even have small pieces snipped off for cooking.

If you can knit or crochet, then you are ahead of the game when it comes to homemade Christmas presents! You can make afghans, lap blankets, shawls, or anything else that you feel will make a suitable gift for someone on your Christmas list. All it takes is a few balls of yarn, and if you choose an inexpensive yarn, you will have a reasonably priced gift.

A beanie hat is so easy to make for a teenager or someone who enjoys sports, and you can make two or three from a large ball of yarn. Not many people have the time or talent to do this for themselves and will really appreciate the fact that you have made a truly unique gift for them.

If you have a lady on your list who loves costume jewelry, why not consider making a necklace or bracelet as a homemade Christmas present for her? You can design one yourself by purchasing the beads and clasps at your local craft store, or buy a kit with directions on how to make a piece of jewelry. You will know her favorite colors and which style of jewelry she prefers - dainty or chunky pieces - so give it a try.

When it comes to homemade Christmas presents, you can't really go wrong with a homemade gift basket! Consider the recipient's tastes or hobbies and make your gift basket accordingly. Choose the basket to suit the gift - but don't use one that's really large or you'll have trouble filling it! You can line the basket with fabric if you wish, or leave it as it comes.

If you're making up a basket for a cook or chef, you could use an apron or dishtowel to line the basket; for a spa-type gift basket, use a robe as the "liner". A small gift "basket" for a teacher can simply be a mug containing a selection of herbal teas or gourmet instant coffee; but find out his or her preference ahead of time.

Whatever homemade Christmas presents you choose to give, the recipients will know that you've taken the time to make something distinctive just for them, and you can be assured that it will be appreciated.

There are many more ideas for homemade Christmas presents on the rest of this website, so be sure to browse the other related articles and pages, or use this website's search function to find what you need.

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