Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas - Giving Special Handmade Presents

Are you seeking inspiration for homemade Christmas gift ideas?

If you are like me (or were like me once upon a time), then you were one of those people who used to make their own Christmas gifts to send out. The idea wasn't that we wanted to save money, or that we were being cheap. It was that we believe that homemade Christmas gift ideas were far better than anything we could buy in the store because they meant something personal to us.

The Little Drummer Boy story talks about how the kings and rich men of society were giving the Baby Jesus all of this gold and wealth and riches beyond imagination, and the little boy had nothing but this small, pathetic drum that he could play. So he ended up giving the greatest gift of all to Baby Jesus, which was to play for Him.

You don't need to be super-creative

When you decide to go with homemade Christmas gift ideas this year, you don't have to have an incredible amount of creativity. You don't really need to know how to cook or bake or play music. These ideas are meant to inspire you and the end result is not nearly as important as the thought that they convey to the person receiving the homemade Christmas gift. It conveys, 'I thought about you and wanted to share with you something personal that comes from my heart. I hope you enjoy it.'

Just take the time to work on them and that's all anyone should ever ask for.

If you're creative, write a story

Many people fancy that they have a great novel within them, but they don't have the time to put it to paper. While writing a novel is a major undertaking, you should start out a bit smaller if you're never written anything before. A short story of about one thousand words can make an excellent gift. It will not only be original, it will be something that family will want to share with their friends.

A special recipe

Need more homemade Christmas gift ideas? How about thinking about the taste buds?

Whether you want to bake cookies or truffles, or even salt-water taffy, when you make this from scratch, you'll impress your family and friends, and given them something to savor as they drive home, or wake up the next morning. It doesn't matter what recipe you choose, and it doesn't even matter if it turns out the way that you hope. It's going to be (and should always be) the thought that matters most.


Another homemade Christmas gift idea is to give a sentimental present. People, especially family members and close friends, love to have pictures of the people that matter most in their life. When you decide to make your own pictures and picture frames, that will be even more precious to them.

You can make the frame from construction paper or hard board, or even wood, if you're ambitious. The picture can be funny or pleasant, as long as you are in it!

Homemade Christmas gift ideas are abundant. When you get one handmade gift idea in your head, you'll soon realize that others soon follow.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great homemade Christmas gift ideas and tips for the holiday season? Share and write about these tips and ideas for homemade Christmas presents here!

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