Wedding Proposal Ideas to Win Your Fair Lady's Hand

Scratching your head over how to propose? In need of inspiring wedding proposal ideas?

Of course, a wedding proposal should always be as romantic as possible. However, there are some men who are so excited about popping the question, that they simply cannot think of a suitable way to ask the love of their life to marry them.

If you are a very private person, you will naturally want to propose to your loved one in private - just the two of you. This could be done in a private moment between the two of you, whilst enjoying a really special dinner, or, if she loves flowers, then shower her with her favorite blossoms as you pop the question.

You and the lady of your life could be animal lovers, and have pets of your own - they could also be involved as part of wedding proposal ideas. One of your pets could "present" your future wife with gifts, and, of course, the ring - she would love this!

Everyone dreams of their first marriage proposal, and, if done creatively, it will be remembered forever. You could propose publicly or privately, or independently, and get the help of your friends and family. You could even propose by way of a "treasure hunt", where you provide clues for your future wife, and when she eventually finds the "treasure", she also finds your marriage proposal.

Going on a holiday to your favorite place could also be a good wedding proposal idea - the perfect location for you to pop the question!

Remember, unless you are wealthy, try not to spend too much on your marriage proposal - it means exactly the same thing in the end, no matter how much money is spent. Thought and careful planning is a lot more important to have the proposal run smoothly and end successfully; this is a key point to bear in mind as you brainstorm on various wedding proposal ideas.

For a really romantic proposal, you could arrange to meet your lady in a beautiful park that is situated near some riding stables. Hire a knight's armor from a costume shop, rent a horse from the stables, and be dressed in the armor and atop the horse when she arrives. This is when you go down on bended knee, tell her you want to be her prince, and propose to her. Isn't this a pretty cool wedding proposal idea?

Another idea - decorate a Christmas tree with lights and just one ornament - a ring box. Call your lady and ask her if she would like to join you for a private Christmas celebration. Have a special dinner ready for the two of you, her favorite flowers, dim lights, appropriate music, and then propose to her and present her with her "decoration".

Another great way to propose to the woman in your life is to take her to a fancy Chinese restaurant. Before you go, arrange with the restaurant to make a special fortune cookie for your partner. Have the waiter bring the fortune cookie to her - the note can read "Will you marry me?", or, "you will receive a diamond in the very near future", after which you can present her with the ring box.

Whichever wedding proposal ideas you decide to shortlist, and whichever way you finally decide to propose, make it super romantic, and your partner will most definitely give you the "YES" answer that you so desire.

Still wish to learn about more wedding proposal ideas? You could find inspiration for your marriage proposal via the other articles and pages on this website.

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