Thanksgiving Activities for Kids - Ideas for Entertaining the Children

Do you need some ideas and inspiration for Thanksgiving activities for kids?

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday with opportunities for friends and families to come together to have good food and fellowship.

Women are usually busy cooking in the kitchen and men are watching ball games on the television. Children are hanging out playing games, or perhaps they get bored. It is always a good idea for parents to come up with some interesting and fun Thanksgiving activities for kids so that they will have an exciting day as well.

Doing crafts is an excellent idea for children to express their creativity and have fun at the same time. A classic Thanksgiving craft for kids is to make a handprint turkey with paint or magic markers.

You can use a paper plate or a piece of construction paper for this activity. If you use paint, have the child place his / her hand in the paint and then onto the paper. If using markers, have the child place his / her hand on the paper and then trace around it. Using the shape that is on the paper, you want to have the child add eyes and a carbuncle to the thumb to make it look like a turkey. Next, have the child color the turkey and decorate the rest of the paper or plate as they wish.

Another of the Thanksgiving activities for kids is to make turkeys out of construction paper. For this fun Thanksgiving craft, you will need two paper plates, scissors, glue, and construction paper. First, fold one of the paper plates into a cone and staple it. Cut off the bottom so that it's even all the way around.

Next, fold the pointed end of the cone down a little bit to make the head of the Turkey. To make wings, you can cut wing shapes from the left over part of the paper plate. Glue the wings to the body.

To make the turkey's carbuncle, use red construction paper. You can cut out the turkey's feet from either black or yellow construction paper. Glue both the carbuncle and feet to the plate. You can also make tail feathers from the other paper plate and glue them on. Encourage your child to color the turkey and show it to everyone.

Need more ideas for Thanksgiving activities for kids?

Making a Thanksgiving printable book is something kids love to do. If you go to, they have printable books that you can print out for your child to color and decorate. You could also just use paper, fold it in half, staple the edges, and decorate as you'd like. A good idea is to have your child write and draw about all the things they are grateful for, since it is Thanksgiving. There are online websites that have printable activities and coloring pages as well.

Here's another of the possible Thanksgiving activities for kids - you can always designate a special hour for "game time". Kids love Duck Duck Goose, Red Light, Green Light, Monkey in the Middle, Mother May I, and Hide and Seek. Have a pinata for that extra special activity!

Take the time to plan some fun games and activities for your children and make this Thanksgiving one to remember.

Other possible Thanksgiving activities for kids, such as Thanksgiving crafts and Thanksgiving scavenger hunt, are described on the rest of this website, so do browse the related articles and pages. You could also use this website's search function to find what you need.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Thanksgiving Activities for Kids?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for Thanksgiving activities for kids? Share and write about these ideas and tips for Thanksgiving activities for children here!

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