Thanksgiving Day Craft Decorations - Ideas for Decorating the House

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration for Thanksgiving Day craft decorations?

Although the majority of the Thanksgiving season is set in the traditional fall colors of browns, reds, oranges, gold and yellows, they are by no means all that define the season, just like Indians and pilgrims or pumpkins are not the only seasonal themes. The original concept of Thanksgiving was the gratefulness of those first settlers' abundance.

The survivors of the first winter in the new world had just come through their first growing season (with the help of new friends among the Native Americans) and were not only alive, but had in the store houses enough food to go through the next winter. Throughout time, harvest has been a time of hope as well as gratitude.

Thanksgiving Day crafts have traditionally reflected these aspects of the season. Wheat and corn in plenty signifying flat bread and sauces; lovely centerpieces for the table trimmed with dried corn of the cob or bouquets of gathered wheat and displayed in vases or in the wreath that hangs on your front door; better yet, a cornucopia overflowing with the fruits of the harvest. Sheaves of wheat stood and bound in the middle can be crafted with colorful ribbon and used outdoors as well as in.

Autumn leaves in green as well as fall colors work well; flowers, pumpkins, berries and acorns simply laid out in a bowl or a glass serving dish look lush on green, brown or gold table cloths. Pumpkins hollowed out and used as bowls for fruit and nuts or vases for fresh picked flowers are easy to make and signify the abundance of the season. Add a few candles to this Thanksgiving Day craft, which are beautiful any season, and you have a perfect finish for your fall decor.

Gourds of all shapes, sizes and colors are available for Thanksgiving Day craft ideas - which can be simply placing them around the room or hot gluing them to a garland of fall leaves to help showcase the windows, any side tables or the mantle. Interesting silks can be combined with ribbon and wheat and draped over the back of chairs for splashes of color - these make easy and fun projects.

Pumpkins which always spell fall come in an array of colors - and they can be painted unusual colors like aqua, blue-green or peach to break up the yellow, orange and red pattern. With their size and your color choice, the effect is dramatic.

Need more Thanksgiving Day craft decoration ideas?

Any piece of furniture can look elegant just by setting a bunch of artificial cranberries or some pinecones with colorful ribbon on it. You can decorate the table with clusters of scented candles and berries, apples or gourds at their base; or drop your candles in crystal, small pots, tall glasses and ceramic pieces shaped like turkeys, fall leaves or cute little pumpkins.

A last stunning centerpiece can be created by using about 6 different types of flowers - all color related, along with several types of greenery and secured in a Styrofoam ball to set the mood for your dinner. On the table, just keep everything low so the conversation will be unobstructed. If this Thanksgiving Day craft piece turns out too high (depending on the size of flowers and vase you have chosen), set it on a side table.

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