Thanksgiving Kids' Crafts - Activities for the Children to Learn and Hone their Creativity

Do you need some ideas for Thanksgiving kids' crafts to let the children learn about the holiday and its traditions as well as to express their creativity?

Thanksgiving is a fun time for American children. They get to learn about our nation's history while at the same time enjoy some fun crafts and activities - used by many schools to make learning fun.

Here are some Thanksgiving kids' crafts your child can do at home to help celebrate the season.

As with all crafts, make sure that the craft you are planning is age appropriate and that you are available to assist your children with items such as using scissors, oven or stove or other items that may be dangerous for children to use without supervision.

For younger children, you will want to find simple Thanksgiving kids' crafts. One activity is to create their own construction paper turkeys. There are several ways your child can do this.

One is to take a piece of construction paper and a pencil and trace your child's hand on the paper. Make sure the fingers of the hand are spread out with the thumb pointing outward (in other words, you want the fingers pointed toward the top of the paper and the thumb pointed toward the side of the paper).

Once you have traced your child's hand, let them use colored markers to add feet to the bottom of the palm; eyes, feathers and the turkey waddle to the thumb; and other embellishments. The finished drawing should look like a Thanksgiving turkey. Another option is to use the traced palm as a guide. Then, using other colors of your construction paper and scissors, cut out and glue the limbs and embellishments to your turkey.

Another activity for a younger child would be to create pilgrims using disposable spoons. For this Thanksgiving kids' craft, you will need the following: plastic spoons (you can get both white and tan spoons to create not only your pilgrims, but also Native Americans), different colored construction paper, scissors, wiggle eyes (found at most craft stores), and craft glue.

Using your construction paper, cut out clothing for your figures (you can use pictures of traditional pilgrim dress as a guide). Remember, you don't want to make the clothing too large for your spoons.

When you cut out the paper clothing, make sure that you use white construction paper to create the collars and trim of the clothing and the pilgrim men's hats. When gluing the clothing on the spoons, remember that the outside curve of the spoon will be the pilgrim's face.

Next step for this Thanksgiving kids' craft, is to attach the wiggle eyes to the spoon. If you want, you can use a magic marker to draw the face on the spoon rather than use wiggle eyes. Also, you can use felt cloth in place of construction paper; however, this will necessitate substituting cloth glue for craft glue.

For your Native American spoon characters, use the construction paper to create feathers and brown paper to create costumes. You can use sequins or stickers to create the embellishments on the Native American costumes.

There are many activities your child can do for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving kids' crafts are a fun way for children to learn about the holiday and its traditions. It is also a great way for children to develop their creative talents.

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