Centerpiece Ideas for Weddings and Other Celebrations

Are you seeking inspirational centerpiece ideas for your wedding celebration or other celebrations and occasions?

Whatever event you are celebrating, the centerpieces on your tables are really important, as they will set the mood for your party.

Depending on the size of your party and your budget, you will find something to suit your pocket, as they range from cheap through to expensive, elaborate affairs, but all will make your tables look equally spectacular.

Of course, the cheapest centerpieces are those that you make yourself. These can be made well in advance of your party and packed away, to be ready for the big day. Some centerpiece ideas are really easy to make, and include everyday items, such as fresh or dried flowers, fruit, candles, and yes, even vegetables!

Really great centerpieces are growing, potted flowers - one that your guests can take home as a living memento of your great party. Part of the fun of hand making your own centerpieces, is deciding what you want to have as a theme, purchasing all your materials, and then taking time to make them. Then you sit back and admire your handy-work!

The really cheapest centerpieces to make are those where nature is used. This can be anything that is available in your area, such as pinecones, shells, wild berries, acorns, wild nuts, or anything else that you can use in your centerpiece ideas. These items can then be sprayed in the color of your theme, and will look absolutely stunning!

Another fantastic centerpiece idea, one that your guests will benefit from as well, is baskets. These can be new or old, any smallish shape and size, spray-painted and filled with things such as autumn leaves, fresh fruit, shells, or potpourri. They look really beautiful, and make a lovely thank-you gift for your guests.

Use the current season as a motivation for your centerpiece idea. Miniature scarecrows will make great centerpieces during fall, and can be set on the table together with fruits and vegetables of the season as well. If your celebration is around Christmas time, the most festive, elegant centerpieces can be made for next to nothing.

Dried branches, simply sprayed white and decorated with glitter, and placed into decorated containers, look absolutely fabulous on a table set with festive foods. If you include candles on your tables, the flickering light of the candles are caught on the glitter on the branches and give a real sparkle to the occasion.

Parasol topiaries are beautiful and really appropriate for certain occasions, for example a Mother's Day celebration. These can be made from either fresh or handmade paper flowers, as long as they are brightly-colored for the happy occasion. Fresh or handmade flowers - they are inexpensive, and absolutely stunning.

There are even centerpiece ideas for the really small party. For instance, purchase a few mugs, one for each person, and decorate with candles, chocolates, flowers, shells, or anything else appropriate, and wrap them in lovely colorful paper. Put a name card on each mug, and you have a beautiful, useful gift for each of your guests.

Gorgeous centerpieces can be made for any party - all it takes is a little time and imagination.

Have fun!

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