Valentine Box Ideas - Suggestions for these Fun Crafts

Are you seeking inspiration for Valentine box ideas?

School children in classrooms all over the world look forward to Valentine's Day with hopeful anticipation.

Perhaps at their age, it is still the enticement of the candy rather than the sentiment of the occasion, but Valentine boxes are a tradition involving children going from box to box giving cards and candy to their classmates. They go with the day, the party and the fun as readily as the cards and party treats themselves; they are part of childhood memories.

Valentine boxes need not be expensive to make. Most are constructed from everyday supplies and can be decorated according to each child's personality. Usually, Valentine box ideas are individual projects a child can work on at home, but sometimes, the teacher opts to make it a classroom project, complete with unique decorating ideas or a class wide contest.

Traditionally, Valentine boxes are made from containers about the size of a shoebox, but a variety of shapes can be used according to the design the child has decided to go with. Valentine box ideas might include a box shaped like a heart, a cereal box, an upright tissue box with a perfect hole already cut out in the top, or cylinder shaped containers such as oatmeal might come in. Do remember each box will require an opening of some type.

Cover the box with a plain colored paper (or white) to prepare a suitable background for whatever type of project your child has in mind. Appropriate stickers can be used for a simple theme, or lace dollies and velvet material can be chosen for more elaborate projects.

Ribbons in valentine colors such as red, pink, purple or white can be used to decorate your box, as can glitter and various types of wrapping paper or other metallic type covering. Of course, construction paper is a practical and favorite stand-by when it comes to Valentine box ideas. Cut-out magazine pictures of various theme related subjects work well, as do sports related decorations for boys and hearts or popular doll / princess options for girls.

Tissue wrapping paper, in various colors (or facial tissue squares), work as excellent decorating mediums. By poking holes into the box, tissue paper can be stuck into them to create a unique, if not fluffy, effect in patterns of all types - monograms, hearts, etc.

Here's another Valentine box idea - characters can be created and the cards and candy placed in them through the 'mouth.' This works well with all types of monsters or robots.

Photos of your child and his / her classmates from the Valentine's party the year before can make a good theme as well as being a reminder of past memories. These can be enhanced by various sized hearts or stickers. Small and large confectioners' hearts which are sold every year can be glued around the edges of the box - especially the ones that have a message on them.

Flowers can create another interesting effect - spring flowers: lilies, daffodils or iris' are good choices for enhancing Valentine box ideas. Also, animal faces drawn in the shape of hearts and peeking through paper grass that forms a border along the base can be the perfect theme for your youngster's box.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Valentine Box Ideas and Tips?

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