Inspiring Beach Wedding Ideas and Suggestions

Are you seeking inspiration for beach wedding ideas?

Having a beach wedding is probably one of the most romantic and beautiful ideas that you could come across.

The sound of the lapping waves at your feet and the roaring surf crashing against the rocks generate a sense of excitement and calm at the same time. The natural vistas of the horizon melting into the sea create a picturesque backdrop to a wonderful day.

Planning to get married at sunrise or sunset where the sky is painted all shades of pink, blue, purple and orange automatically lend the occasion a sense of mysticism and romance. The colorful sky provides a natural background for perfect wedding photographs that give the people in the photographs a natural glow.

Excited already? Here are some wonderful beach wedding ideas and suggestions.

Place some bamboo torches all around the area you have chosen to use for your beach wedding to give your guests a rustic ambience and at the same time not interfere with the beautiful vistas. This beach wedding idea works well if you are getting married at sunset and the guests will have to mingle in the fading light.

Barrels of chilled champagne lying in a bed of ice surrounded by monogrammed champagne flutes will entice the guests to toast to your happiness and quench their thirst from the sun at the same time. Place the barrels at intervals around the area so that the guests can easily and comfortably pour themselves a glass of bubbling champagne. These barrels can also be used as part of the decoration to create a rustic "pirate" like atmosphere.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys a more traditional look and feel, then one possible beach wedding idea is to have a portable arch made from fresh flowers and vines which you can stand under while taking your wedding vows. This kind of arch can easily be made at home with a bit of strong wire and a pair of pliers. Order some of your favorite flowers and vines from the florist and twine the vines through the wire with the flowers.

Need more possible beach wedding ideas?

Supplying chairs at a beach wedding is not necessary but adds a nice sophisticated touch. There are many chair rental companies that will bring clean white chairs to the beach, set them up and even have covers put on to match the wedding's color theme. If you are supplying chairs, remember to leave sufficient space between each one for people to sit comfortably and not feel squashed or like they are sitting on someone else's lap.

Lay a long carpet that matches your color scheme down the aisle in the middle of the chairs so that guests can easily walk to their seats without sinking in the sand and tripping over humps and bumps. This will also help to keep the bride's dress flowing and prevent the dress' train from leaving a trail in the sand.

Getting married on a beautiful rustic beach with the multi-colored sky at your back, the foam from the waves, and the breathtaking vista of the sun sinking into the horizon is the most romantic, naturally beautiful wedding anyone could wish for. We hope you have found some of the above beach wedding ideas useful and inspiring.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Beach Wedding Ideas,Tips and Suggestions?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for beach weddings? Share and write about these beach wedding ideas here!

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