Summer Wedding Ideas - Celebrating in the Sun

Are you seeking warm and interesting summer wedding ideas?

Summer weddings are a great way to say "I do". You can proclaim your love in the middle of nature with the sun shining down on you and your guests and the song of birds chirping in the background.

Summer weddings can become a burden if the weather becomes too hot or unpredictable, but when you have the right ideas, you can really make your wedding be the one to remember.

Here are some nice summer wedding ideas and suggestions you could consider.

  • Be a little bit tropical and offer summer cocktails such as strawberry daiquiris or martinis. And don't forget a fun summer punch for those who aren't interested in consuming alcohol. Or fill ice buckets with bottles of soda or beer to put at all the tables. This offers a casual, festive feel to your reception.

  • Consider having an outdoor wedding or reception, but keep in mind that you should try to choose a shaded place for the ceremony, or plan for it to take place during the "loaming" or time right before sunset. Avoid ceremonies at three if you're outdoors, because that is the hottest time of day.

  • For summer wedding ideas for your reception, set up a tent and open the flaps for an instant romantic feel. Use decorator lights around the edges and light the candles to add to the romance of your special summer evening. You can give your summer wedding an elegant feel by keeping your colors light, fresh and romantic.

  • If you use your local summer flowers, you're likely to save a ton of money by choosing not to import exotic flowers. So, for summer wedding ideas, look around for what's in bloom in your area and incorporate them into your decorating. If you like big flowers, consider something such as peonies for bright fresh, ice cream cone types of colors.

  • Consider going eco-friendly for your big day. Summer weddings are a great time to do this because you'll be surrounded by nature anyway. You can give little seedling trees that will grow well in your area as your favors, and incorporate all kinds of eco-friendly options.

  • If you want to be more casual, you can consider summer wedding ideas such as putting sunflowers in metal watering cans as your centerpieces and using gingham as your table coverings. Stringing lanterns in your trees for a festive, summery effect is also a great way to provide ambient lighting.

  • As far as food is concerned, since it's summer, lighter dishes and meals might be better enjoyed, and offering a crisp refreshing summer salad can be a great way to satisfy hunger. You may also want to offer desserts such as strawberry short cake or vanilla frosted cupcakes.

  • As you brainstorm on summer wedding ideas, don't forget your music. Every wedding reception needs good music, so if you want to have a really good time, add songs that make you think of summer, and don't forget to set up a dance floor, because you're sure to use it.

Since it is the summer and you might be planning to celebrate outdoors, you should know that you have tons of options for your summer wedding, so think of your favorite summertime festivities and work from this point.

The most important thing to remember is that even the most summery wedding can still be formal and elegant, so use your creativity for summer wedding ideas and enjoy the planning of this amazing occasion.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Summer Wedding Ideas,Tips and Suggestions?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for summer weddings? Share and write about these summer wedding ideas here!

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