Winter Wedding Ideas, Tips and Suggestions

Are you seeking special and inspired winter wedding ideas?

Spring is not the only time for a wedding. You might want to consider another season for your wedding, winter, for numerous reasons.

Especially if you live in a hot, humid area, winter might seem more attractive for your wedding. It is one thing to be considered a blushing bride, but if the weather is too hot, you don't want your wedding pictures showing you both wilting under the heat.

Also, if you are considering having your wedding in a tropical paradise such as Hawaii, winter weather is much more comfortable. This article will discuss some of the advantages of having a winter wedding, as well as provide you with some interesting and useful winter wedding ideas.

Benefits of Winter Weddings

  • Spring is considered 'wedding season' and, as such, many wedding related items are at their prime pricing. Compare costs on everything from dresses to venues. Chances are, you will find yourself saving a significant amount of money by planning wisely, taking advantage of sales immediately following 'wedding season', and planning a winter wedding.

  • Certain theme weddings, such as Renaissance weddings, work better in the cooler months due to the weight of the period costuming.

  • If you are planning to hold your wedding event on a tropical isle such as Hawaii, or even at Disney World in Florida, winter temperatures are much more suitable for a wedding. You can easily have your dream wedding on the beach in December and even come home with a tan as a bonus.

  • A winter wedding itself can be very beautiful. A roaring fire and fur stoles adorning the bridesmaids can be particularly stunning. Long sleeved wedding gowns are unique, and you can be sure your groom will not wilt in his tuxedo. Menu and decorations for the reception can center around a winter wonderland. You could even hire a horse and sleigh to deliver up the wedding couple if you live in an area lucky enough to have snow.

    Best Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

  • Silver Bells and Red Roses: This one is the most popular winter wedding idea when it comes to themes. Using the color of love, red, and the color of purity, white, the decorations for this winter theme wedding can be easily planned.

  • Snowflake Treats: Another of the popular winter wedding ideas is that of a snowflake treats. You can serve gingerbread snowflake cookies in the menu for this winter wedding theme. The decorations for this theme can be done in a color combination of brown and white, and be sure to incorporate snowflakes in the decor.

  • Falling Snow: This is an interesting winter wedding idea. Since it is winter, you can create an illusion of falling snow all over the wedding venue. All of the decorations in this theme wedding should be done in white to symbolize snow.

    Planning A Winter Wedding

  • Venue: Ensure that your venue is appropriate for the type of wedding you are planning. You would not want to hold a 'winter wonderland' wedding theme at the beach, for example. Look for things that will help you support your theme, such as a fireplace.

  • Attire: Part of the excitement of winter wedding ideas is the chance to wear something a little different. Long sleeved wedding dresses are lovely and you can only wear this style comfortably when the weather is cooler. Adding accessories such as fur stoles is also a nice touch.

  • Decoration: Options are unlimited when it comes to decorations for a winter wedding. You can choose any color or theme. Red, white, silver, and green are common colors used in decorations for a winter wedding. In addition, ice sculptures are a beautiful focal point for a winter wedding.

  • Menu: Holding your wedding in the winter months allows for some unique menu options. Richer dishes can be on the menu. Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding could easily replace chicken with rice pilaf.

  • Favors: There are numerous novelty items that would be wonderful winter wedding ideas for favors. Little hand soaps in the shape of snowflakes, or perhaps a hanging silver snowflake that can double as a tree ornament.

    These are just a few winter wedding ideas you could consider, and you could explore further by searching the rest of this website.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Winter Wedding Ideas,Tips and Suggestions?

    Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for winter weddings? Share and write about these winter wedding ideas here!

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