New Year's Eve Wedding Ideas - Tips for Planning a Great Celebration

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for a New Year's Eve wedding?

You want to have a winter wedding but can't decide exactly when to schedule it over the holidays. Why not have a New Year's Eve wedding? Everyone will be ready to get dressed up anyway, so have them join you and your partner in celebrating your marriage.

The first thing you should do is to send "Save the date" cards as soon as you can so that your prospective guests won't make other plans; most people celebrate New Year's Eve and make their party arrangements well ahead of time.

You may be holding your wedding and / or reception in a hotel, so try to get an idea of how many people will want to stay overnight and see if you can get a discounted room rate for your guests. You should probably do this anyway, just in case guests will want to stay over. There will probably be a certain amount of alcohol served at your reception and you will want your guests to be able to enjoy the party.

You will most likely be having your wedding ceremony late in the evening; around 8pm or so is ideal if you want to have your guests stay until midnight and ring in the New Year with the wedding party.

An outside wedding might not be an option because of the weather, but if you're living somewhere warm, it would be a great idea. You'd have to be prepared for lots of onlookers, though, as so many people will be out and about on New Year's Eve. If you want a private ceremony, then book an inside venue.

If you plan to use a hotel for your New Year's Eve wedding, make your bookings well in advance for discounted room rates and for the banquet hall or room for your wedding and reception - a year or more would be ideal, as the hotel you want might be fully booked for New Year's Eve parties if you leave it too late.

A New Year's Eve wedding is like any other in one respect; it takes a lot of planning! Let's assume that you have the dress and the outfits for the wedding party; you've chosen your venue, the invitations are done, the flowers chosen and ordered. If you want a DJ and photographer, you need to realize that their fees might be very high on New Year's Eve, so shop around and make sure you book them for your wedding as far ahead of the date as possible.

You'll also need to feed your guests, but if you're not getting married until 8pm, you might want to advise them to have a snack or a small early dinner beforehand. A buffet would be the best choice for a New Year's Eve wedding, as buffet food can be served as soon as your guests arrive. Have several stations serving the same items so that your guests aren't spending 20 minutes in line waiting for their food.

An open bar is probably a good idea for your wedding; everyone wants to celebrate your marriage and the New Year. Make sure you serve coffee and soft drinks at your New Year's Eve wedding for those who are driving home.

On the plus side, if you make New Year's Eve your wedding theme, there are hundreds of party favors to choose from, and if you're on a budget, you can use plastic champagne glasses which are readily available during the holiday season. Use confetti and glitter to decorate the tables, buy noise makers and hats to get everyone into the party spirit and ready for the countdown to midnight.

Don't forget the disposable cameras to put on each table - you will get some very candid shots of your New Year's Eve wedding guests! You might be able to rent a large flat-screen TV so you can all watch the glitter ball drop on the stroke of midnight in Times Square and celebrate the New Year together. If the budget allows for it, have a net hanging over the dance floor with balloons that will drop down at midnight.

Make your New Year's Eve wedding a black tie affair - that way, your guests can really dress up and nobody will feel overdressed! Remember that you're getting married on New Year's Eve, so make that the theme of your celebration and you will have a wedding that nobody will forget!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for a New Year's Eve Wedding?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for having a New Year's Eve wedding? Share and write about these tips and pointers for planning a New Year Eve wedding here!

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