Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas - Fun Fall Suggestions

Are you searching for some autumn wedding reception ideas?

Although June is flagged as the wedding month, over half of all weddings take place in the fall. For this reason, wedding theme ideas along with autumn receptions are pretty abundant.

While any color is appropriate for the fall, wedding colors are generally rich, bold and romantic, including orange, red and deep purple. Blue, lime green and even a rosy or orange / pink will look great and still go well with the autumn theme.

For those who do not like anything dark, try the bright yellows of fall squash mixed in with the oranges and greens to bring a fresh liveliness to your wedding theme.

How about other aspects of autumn wedding reception ideas?

For flowers, try those that are in season, not only because they are beautiful, but because they are abundant, along with root vegetables such as squashes and pumpkins, which make interesting centerpieces. Large flowers like lilies, dahlias, hydrangea, roses and chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors (even lime green) and mix well with seasonal berries (in either green or red) and crab apples as well as the vegetables.

Need more autumn wedding reception ideas?

Small pumpkins hung from shepherds crook neck staffs can line the entrance to the reception area, and place cards of similar design can mark each table setting. Eco friendly favors such as pine cones can be combined with an arrangement of changing fall leaves. Small frames can be used by finishing them in fall colors, adding tiny fall flowers or leaves and printing names within the frame where the picture should go. Small fall tea lights would also make the table look lovely and can be taken home as a keepsake.

If you are on a budget for autumn wedding reception ideas, something simple like a few flowers and / or a leaf with a ribbon bow can serve just as well as table favors. Elegantly packaged favors do not have to cost a fortune. Small bags made of inexpensive fabric and ribbon of vivid autumn colors can be crafted to spice up the guests' tables in style. Stuff the bags with homemade caramel candies or cookies shaped like pumpkins or leaves.

Because the centerpiece will be the focal point of the decorations and in full view of the guests, it should be considered one of the most important decisions of the reception decor. One of the most elegant autumn wedding reception ideas here is to combine the changing leaves theme with candles (brings in the romantic), small polished gourds (traditional) with garlands of pearls, and mother of pearl finished roses (each about an inch in diameter).

Fall-themed cookies shaped like colored leaves, pumpkins, acorns or apples can serve as part of the table decorations when set at each end of the guest tables in seasonal urns or on fall colored platters with several changing leaves added here and there. Small 1/2 pint decorative jars of apple or pear butter with fabric and ribbon will add warmth and let the guests know the trouble you went through for them. Do not forget the aroma of autumn - simmer something spicy; how's that for an autumn wedding reception idea?

Beverages as favors can be fun. Try miniature bottles of apple cider or coffee / espresso choices. Ice urns with wine chilling on the tables looks impressive - just have someone available (with napkin draped over the forearm) to serve the guests and regulate alcohol intake. Wine bottle stoppers atop small pumpkins might be appropriate as favors here.

Did you enjoy the autumn wedding reception ideas discussed on this page? Many more wedding ideas can be found on the other related articles and pages on this website. Happy reading!

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