Homemade Presents - Great Gift Ideas for All

Are you looking for great ideas for homemade presents or gifts?

It's always such a pleasure to give someone a gift - more so if the person is someone special in your life. The best thing though, is if you take some time and effort to make a gift yourself.

When you give someone a homemade gift, it is not the cost that counts, but all the thought and effort that went into making the present. For instance, if you are a little short on cash, a great idea is to give a Book of Quotes as a gift. Look for quotes that are appropriate for the person - for example, your husband, mother, daughter, boyfriend, and collect a whole lot of them.

Then you can buy a cheap hard cover book, cover it with paper, and carefully paste all the quotes inside. What you can also do is to buy a pack of index cards, paint them, stick one quote to each card, then thread a loop through all the cards, and tie into a bow.

If your husband or boyfriend has a favorite brand of automobile or sports team, buy one of those iron-on patches and give them their own unique shirt, pillowcase, or handkerchief as a gift - they'll love this homemade present! If you are handy with sewing, make your dad a documents pouch - he will find this very handy, and, because you made it, it will always have special value for him.

Try your hand at paper mache coasters or pen stands - these can be made and given to ladies and men as gifts. Other small inexpensive gifts that can be made are key stands and ashtrays from coconut shells, bookmarks, or a small box, decorated and made into a spectacle case.

Grandparents just love homemade presents. Knit knee rugs for your grandparents to keep the winter chills away. Decorate small boxes and give it to them to use as pillboxes. Buy two glass jugs and two glasses, decorate them and put them next to your grandparent's bed. See that they are always filled with fresh water, so that they don't have to get their water themselves.

Your girlfriend would so love a jewelry box made by you. You can make this homemade present even more exciting by putting a few little folded notes inside, each with an accessory written on it. Tell her to choose three of them, and then buy them for her. Have a t-shirt printed with something special on it - she'll keep it forever.

Knit your boyfriend a nice fuzzy sweater to keep him warm when you aren't around. Create a CD for him with his favorite songs on it, and remember to include songs that are special to the two of you. How about other ideas for homemade presents? He will also love scented candles, made by you, with his name carved on them.

If it's Christmastime, give someone a set of beautiful ornamental balls. Buy a few clear, glass ball ornaments, open the glass ball, squirt two or three different colored acrylic paint inside, swirl the paint around inside, and leave to dry. When dry, decorate each one with ribbon, place in a painted egg box, and you have a stunning gift that someone will cherish.

Need more inspiration for homemade presents? We have many more made at home gift ideas on the rest of this website!

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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