Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - Great Presents You Can Make at Home

Are you looking for some easy homemade gift ideas?

Some of the best gifts we ever receive are homemade. This is especially true around the holidays, coming in the form of baked goods, nut mixes - Cinnamon Nut Mix, Sugared or Honey Peanuts and Mocha Walnuts, candy, and lots of other useful items such as decorated notepads, note holders and air fresheners.

Because they take a little time and effort, they make the gifts so much more personal. Often, they are easy to assemble and are constructed of everyday items you can find at a local discount store.

One of the cutest easy homemade gift ideas to make is an adorable little animal made from a wash cloth. They are inexpensive, come in a variety of shapes - dogs, cats, bears, and can be put together in a very short time. When you couple them with a hand towel for a child along with a bottle of brightly colored bubble bath, or a matching bath towel with a scented candle and homemade soaps for adults, you have a great gift for girls of all ages.

Need more easy homemade gift ideas?

During the Christmas season, appropriate kitchen towels can be folded, tied with ribbon and decorated with flowers in contrasting colors, pines sprigs or cinnamon sticks to make a stylish 'doll'. A ribbon bow on the top of the 'head' pulls the doll together so nicely all she needs is a wooden spoon to make her feel right at home in any kitchen.

To give a favorite cookbook, get a basket and include a kitchen towel, pot holder and a couple of wooden spoons.

For outdoorsy friends, wind chimes put together with various size clay pots are adorable and easy homemade gift ideas; and metal measuring cup and spoon sets sound pretty neat blowing in the wind too, especially just outside the kitchen, back door, or deck off the dining room.

Lamps made from canning jars of all sizes are popular around holidays that involve evening or nighttime hours. Two holes carefully drilled in the back of the jars and the lid will work for wiring - night light and / or the conventional type, and the inside of the jar can be decorated for any occasion, in any color / combination of colors, or in any theme. And they look just as good in school colors or decorated for particular sports for the guys, as they do in flowers and fairies or gnomes for the gals.

Cookie cutters are another inexpensive item to make some pretty neat gifts. For this easy homemade gift idea, they can be filled with matching or contrasting wax for candles, candy pieces in a matching set for a party gift, or potpourri for a house warming present.

Making bath salts, fizzy bath bombs or body scrubs - from sugar, salt, oatmeal or coffee, is fun, only takes a minute to put together, and you can find everything you need at local food and / or health food stores. Once you've dressed them in pretty glass jars with bright colored ribbon, they make a lovely homemade gift, and there is nothing like a hot scented bath!

When brainstorming on easy homemade gift ideas, don't forget fleece blankets. They are no-sew, and can be put together in endless color schemes for either men or women, as well as kids of any age. And oh, are they ever warm!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Easy Homemade Gift Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great easy homemade gift ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for easy homemade presents here!

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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