Halloween Costumes for Teenagers - Ideas for Teen Outfits

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for Halloween costumes for teenagers?

Teenagers are always trying to fit in during their school hours, trying to make friends, and trying to be the best that they can be.

When it comes to Halloween, some teenagers do not want to dress up as something boring when they are going to a party or heading out for some trick or treating. They want to look cool and they want to have the best Halloween costumes for teens that they can find.

If you want the best Halloween costumes for teenagers for your special child, then here are some ideas that will not only turn heads, but they will be fun, won't scare the young kids in the neighborhood away, leaving them running for their lives from that monstrous ghoul or zombie whose bones are showing through and blood seeping from their pores.

Halloween costumes for teens do not have to be cheesy, either. You are not going to do your child any favors by having them dress up as Spongebob for another year. It may be cute, but those days are long behind them as far as being cool is concerned. So what's cool? Some of these ideas for Halloween costumes for teenagers are cool:

  • Captain Jack Sparrow - Okay, it may seem so yesterday, but with so many Pirates of the Caribbean movies out and so popular, Jack will be back as one of the mainstays of Halloween. When your teenager has a Jack Sparrow costume that actually looks genuine, then they are going to be the talk of the school.

  • Wolverine - The comic action superhero is still fighting crime and is still one of the fun Halloween costumes for teenagers to wear.

  • Sailor girl - For your teenage daughters, sometimes they want to dress a bit sexy for Halloween. Though that idea may seem to be a bit unnerving for you, with a sailor girl costume, you both can be happy because she'll have a little bit of that sexiness she wants and you'll know it's an appropriate costume.

  • Pocahontas - When your daughter was a little girl, she probably wanted to dress up like Pocahontas. Now, as she's a bit older, that idea may not seem as appealing as it once did, but with the right costume, she will be able to show off her sexy features a bit and feel special, while still having a great looking costume.

  • Dr. Kill Joy - What do you get when you have a doctor's gown covered in blood, some jeans underneath, also covered in blood, a mask covered in blood, and a sinister looking syringe in hand? Dr. Kill Joy, that's what.

    There are plenty of ideas for Halloween costumes for teenagers that will not only make them happy with the selection, but will manage a measure of compromise between the two of you.

    Yes, you want to keep your child young forever, but they are growing up. Fast. Some of these Halloween costumes for teenagers allow them to feel a little more grown up while maintaining that peace of mind you want to see them still acting and looking like kids.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Teenagers?

    Do YOU have in mind some great tips and ideas for Halloween costumes for teenagers? Share and write about these ideas and tips for Halloween costumes for teens here!

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