Home Made Halloween Costumes - Ideas for You to Create

Home made Halloween costumes are not as hard to make as people believe.

Think boxes! Two boxes painted white with big black spots will do for a pair of dice. Create a hanging tie - as if you would suspend them over the dash of your car, to connect a couple together and you end up with a pretty cute set of costumes.

A red and white painted box can become the container for an order of fries. Use long thin paper bags - stuffed, of course, painted and 'salted' with rock salt. And don't forget to use body paint yourself to match the other fries.

A Rubic's cube is another interesting home made Halloween costume idea for a box. Use contact paper or paint to create the colored squares on each side, and then use black plastic tape to section each color from the next.

A big box wrapped in brightly colored gift wrapping paper complete with a tag specifying to and from is not only clever, but also cute. To round out the effect, buy a matching curled and dangling bow to go on the top of the gift's head.

For kids, boxes can be transformed into boxed juices, cartons of milk, or candy bars. Reinforce and stuff a big paper bag and then use plastic food to come as the perfect bag of groceries. Lightweight round barrels with holes cut out for head, legs and arms can be transformed into cans of pop, soup or a round box of oatmeal.

Need more ideas for home made Halloween costumes?

Clowns and scarecrows are both easy, and neither has to be a last minute throw together. Find some appropriate clothes for either home made Halloween costume, and sew on patches at the elbows and knees; and maybe a few holding on the pockets or in the seat of the pants. Both will need crazy hats and some make up. A nose for the clown can usually be found around Halloween and sold wherever costumes are. Either or both might benefit from a wig - multicolored or red for the clown, and straw-like for the scarecrow.

For the scarecrow, consider a rope for a belt, a floppy hat with big flowers attached, with a little straw hanging out of any pockets. For makeup, use white for the clown, with a black diamond shape painted over each eye and a great big red smile painted around the mouth. The scarecrow's mouth can be a black line from one end to the other, with sew marks on either side of a tiny red heart at the very center of the mouth.

Cat woman is an easy home made Halloween costume to create. The ears and the tail are the only parts you have to give a lot of thought to. But even they can often be purchased at places where they carry costume accessories.

You will need black tights, boots, black lipstick and polish. Don't forget dots about the cheeks for whiskers, and a small amount of black paint (or lipstick) on the tip of the nose.

Many more ideas for home made Halloween costumes can be found on the rest of this website, so be sure to browse the related articles and pages here, or to use its search function to find what you need.

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