Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas - Quick, No Fuss Yet Great Costumes

Are you in a hurry for some last minute Halloween costume ideas?

A lot can be said for the last minutes Halloween celebrators. Whether it be a last minute change of mind, a last minute invite, or just that you procrastinated until the very end, some seriously delightful creations can fall into place as the clock strikes 'deadline.'

Even blood, should you decide you need it, is pretty easy if you have corn syrup in the house.

Should you have time, once you have mixed the red food coloring with the corn syrup, slip it in the refrigerator while you dress. If you want the shade of red deeper, add a drop of blue or green coloring. Before applying the 'blood', work some cold cream into the chin area, and then add a drip, a smudge, a smear or a splatter as needed to give your costume the edge it needs.

Other last minute Halloween costume ideas - scars, scabs and sores can be created by using corn syrup with green or pink facial tissue. For scabbed over wounds, use blue liquid starch and red food coloring, as it will not only stick, but will dry like real blood and about the same color as real blood. For gore, try adding chunky style peanut butter and red food coloring to your corn syrup.

Any of the last minute facial applications can be worn with a minimal amount of work on the actual clothes. Oversized and raggedy pants and shirt can be worn for the undead, and shadows can be added to the face with dabs of black makeup around the eyes and to create sunken cheeks.

For a real creepy effect, darken the area around the eyes and pencil in vein lines leading away from the lower eye. How's that for last minute Halloween costume ideas?

Here's another last minute Halloween costume idea - a decent Blackbeard costume can be put together quickly by using old pants, oversized white shirt, red scarf and some gold jewelry. A bandana, some black make-up or body paint (beard shadow and perhaps a hallow look) and an eye patch will lend greatly to the effect.

If you or one of your children has a pirate's hook, you would be set. Just remember - get the face right and the rest falls into place. And, remember the word: Aarrrgghhh!

Other very easy last minute Halloween costume ideas to put together are clowns, scarecrows, a mummy, or ghosts. Most just take a few items outside of some large clothing. For the ghost, it's a sheet with something tied loosely around the neck to keep it in place. Some dark paint can be applied around the eyes for an interesting effect. The clown will need an old wig - preferably brightly or multi-colored, and some body paint and a red nose.

For a mummy, tear an old white or off white sheet into strips that can be wrapped around a body - not too tightly. Paint the face white and leave slits for seeing and breathing. A good effect is obtained if dark circles are drawn around the eyes also, as this gives that hallowed looked.

A last minute Halloween costume idea that is really cute is the static electricity look. Onto dark clothing, tack socks, underwear, handkerchiefs and other articles that have a tendency to cling. Tease and spray your hair straight up / out to give it that static look, too, and have fun.

Are you going to give any of the above last minute Halloween costume ideas a try?

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