Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Great Fun and Humor at Your Party

These funny Halloween costume ideas can help you to inject some humor into your next Halloween party.

Halloween parties are usually full of good food, great guests, and loads of amazing costumes. But have you had your fill of vampires, ghouls, and witches? Maybe you should think about being the 'class clown' this year and find something hilarious as your Halloween costume.

You could go as a banana split, or perhaps you could plaster yourself with cut-out question marks and, when people ask what you are, you can simply shrug your shoulders and say you don't know.

There is inspiration all around you for ideas, and also ideas for every budget. Here, we will give you a few funny Halloween costume ideas to get you started in finding the perfect humorous Halloween outfit.

  • No-Fuss Funny Halloween Costumes: If you are one of those people who isn't into all of the fuss about Halloween but still want a great costume that will get you some laughs, here are a few simple but effective funny Halloween costume ideas:
    • A Buccaneer: Hang a dollar from each ear and swagger about the room.

    • Quarterback: Wear a dark colored shirt and tape a quarter to your back.

    • Tic-Tac-Toe: Attach a container of Tic-Tacs to your toe.

    • Quarter-Pounder: Carry around a hammer and some quarters. When someone asks what you are, start pounding away on one of the quarters.

    • Chip-Monk: Wear a monk's robe and attach bags of chips all over it.

  • A Roll of Charmin: For this funny Halloween costume idea, dress all in white. Make a cylinder out of 2 pieces of poster board (so that it fits around you), adding white straps of some kind to hang on your shoulders when you slip it on over your head. Cover the poster board with quilt batting and wrap it with saran wrap. Carefully remove the actual wrapper from a real pack of Charmin and tape or glue it onto the front of your 'toilet paper' roll. Walk around saying 'cha cha cha' like the Charmin bears.

  • A Table: For this funny Halloween costume idea, find a basket large enough to fit over your head and cut the bottom out. Make sure it will rest nicely on your shoulders. This is your 'vase' centerpiece for your table. Cut a piece of cardboard in a rectangle shape and cut a hole in the middle to fit over the basket, making sure it fits snugly against the basket without slipping off. Cut a hole in the center of a patterned table cloth to fit over the basket. Make sure it drapes nicely over the edges of your 'table'. Glue plastic plates, glasses, napkins, and utensils for 2 to 4 place settings. Glue fake flowers around the edges of your 'vase'.

  • A Litter Bug: Make up any type of bug costume and don't forget the antenna. Put straps on a garbage can of any type, although the aluminum ones look best. Glue crunched up Kleenex, old boxes, any type of 'garbage' around the rim of your garbage can and slip it over your head.

  • Cereal Killer: For this funny Halloween costume idea, you could dress however you like - the creepier, the better, though. Extra large glasses help with your look. Walk around with an extra large cereal box and a butcher knife. When people ask what you are, whip out your knife and stab the cereal box.

    These are just a few fabulous Halloween costume ideas that are fun, hilarious and easy to make. Have fun coming up with your own unique and funny Halloween costume ideas to help inject some humor into your next Halloween party.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Funny Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips?

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