Making Quick Halloween Costumes - Fast and Easy Ideas

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for putting together quick Halloween costumes?

In the olden days, when we were young, we were happy to dress up in just about anything that would make a Halloween costume - Mom's dress and hat, with a big old pocketbook to hold our trick-or-treat candy. Or Dad's tee shirt and baseball cap to make a quick Halloween costume.

Nowadays, parents have to be creative or make a mad dash to the nearest store to try to find the latest fad costume that everyone will be wearing. And adults usually opt for something bought from the store, too.

Before your kids get their minds set on being dressed in the current fad costume, check this website for costume ideas and try to get them interested in copying the outfit by making it from something you already have in one of your closets. Pajamas can be made into a bunny costume; an old evening gown can be a princess dress; or one of Daddy's sweatshirts can be dyed orange to make a pumpkin costume. Do not forget to think about making over an old costume with a little extra frill or beading.

You may want to use your imagination and create quick Halloween costumes from next to nothing: a large cardboard box can be turned into a wrapped gift by cutting holes for the arms and head and decorating it with wrapping paper. Or you can leave the box plain and paste homemade shipping labels on it. An adult or child could wear this.

One year, my teenage son's Halloween costume was "Mrs. Doubtfire". All he had to buy was a gray wig, which he got from the thrift store - the rest was borrowed from Grandma. He was a big hit, especially as he spoke with "her" voice! I am sure enough people remember the movie for this to still be a good costume - or you could just be dressed as an old lady.

A quick Halloween costume idea would be for you to dress in black sweats, use black greasepaint on your face and follow people around. When they ask what you are, tell them you're a shadow!

A similarly quick Halloween costume using black sweats would be to turn yourself into a highway! Paint a dotted white line down the front and back of the sweats - or use tape - and glue small plastic cars onto each side of the "road". Or you could be a member of a SWAT team. Wear your black sweats, paint "SWAT" on the front and back, and hold a fly swatter in your hand.

Here are more ideas for quick Halloween costumes:

  • Dress in fuzzy pajamas and carry a pacifier and teddy bear - you're a baby.

  • Tape a brown grocery bag or lunch bag to your stomach and tell people you're a kangaroo - this would be even cuter if you had a stuffed kangaroo inside the bag.

  • Dress however you want but paint a shoebox with black paint and pin it onto your back - you're a fridge magnet.

  • Wear a loud shirt, sunglasses and a straw hat. Carry a camera and maps and be a tourist. It's also helpful if you can speak to everyone in a foreign language and keep asking for directions - you can look the phrases up on the internet.

  • Be a chef - wear a white sweat suit and an apron, make a chef's hat from white poster board, carry a large spoon, and decorate your face with a moustache. You could also speak with an outrageous French accent and be a French chef!

  • A gypsy costume is a good choice for a quick Halloween costume. All you need to wear is a scarf tied around your head, lots of gold jewelry, a peasant blouse and swirly skirt. If you can find a plastic "crystal ball", you can tell fortunes, too.

  • If you don't care how you look, how about dressing up as a bag full of trash? This could be the easiest and quickest Halloween costume ever. You simply make holes in a large black trash bag for your arms and legs and fill the trash bag with crinkled up newspapers and secure it around your neck with a colored ribbon or string.

    There are so many options for quick Halloween costumes - the main thing to remember is to keep it simple and use your imagination. Sweats are a good base to build on; as you can see from the ideas above. I hope I've given you some ideas for your next quick Halloween costume!

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