Group Halloween Costume Ideas - Fun Outfits for Family and Friends

Are you seeking inspiration for group Halloween costume ideas?

Halloween is all about the fun and costumes. Finding an individual costume is easy. But what if you are attending a costume party as a couple or a group?

This can be much more fun than you think. There are hundreds of ideas for couples and groups of three or more. Let your imagination run wild, look around you and you will be surprised at what brilliant ideas you can come up with for a couple or group Halloween costume. Here, we will give you some great suggestions for group Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for every budget.

  • Movie Themes: One of the most popular group Halloween costume ideas is from the movies. Think of movies that have an ensemble, such as Toy Story, which is great for a family, or The Wizard of Oz. Shrek and Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory are a couple of other great movies that work for a group Halloween costume. Another idea is The Cat in The Hat. Look through your movie collection and you will be sure to find inspiration.

  • TV Shows: As with a movie theme, TV offers up numerous suggestions for small and large group Halloween costume ideas. From cartoons to dramas, there is a lot to choose from in TV ideas. Here are just a few: Teletubbies, Care Bears, The Peanuts Gang, Desperate Housewives, The Flintstones, and Grey's Anatomy. Think of your favorite show and look at whether you can incorporate it into a group costume idea for Halloween.

  • Crayons: As there are numerous colors in a crayon box, this group Halloween outfit idea will work for any number of people.

  • President and the Secret Service: This is such a fun group Halloween costume idea. One person is the president. The rest of the group dresses up as the secret service, complete with suits, sunglasses, and earpieces. The secret service men / women don't say much, but whenever anyone tries to talk to the 'president', they push people out of the way and rush the 'president' off to safety. This is a hit at any Halloween party.

  • The Professors from Hogwart's: This is another group costume idea that can be adapted for an assorted number of participants. Professors Snape, Sprout, McGonagall, Flitwick - there are numerous professors throughout the series to choose from.

  • Beer / Soda: Make assorted 'beer' can shapes out of cardboard and paint them up as an assortment of brand name beers. This works really well as a 'six-pack'. You can use this same idea using pop or soda as an inspiration.

  • Games: Even the simple board or computer game becomes a great inspiration for group Halloween costume ideas. Tetris is fun, as is dressing up as the 'Clue' characters. Scrabble works really well for a large group - decide on an assortment of words that can be made from the letters in your groups. Each person is 1 letter. Have guests at the party move you around to spell different words. You could even have a small prize for the person that 'arranges' you into the most words. Don't forget to carry a Scrabble dictionary around just for fun.

    There are so many group Halloween costume ideas that it is hard to fit them all into one page. There are games, movies, TV shows, and literature for inspiration. Your only challenge now will be finding only one idea to work on for your group Halloween costumes.

    Have lots of fun and laughter!

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Group Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips?

    Do YOU have in mind some great group Halloween costume ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for Halloween costumes for groups here!

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