Valentine Day Crafts for Kids - Simple Art Projects for the Children

Do you need some ideas for Valentine Day crafts for kids?

At Valentine's Day, you can do a great deal with your kids, from teaching them how to care about other people, how to let someone know that you like them, and how to be creative.

There are plenty of Valentine Day crafts for kids that you can use to keep them busy, especially if they don't yet go to school and you need a little time by yourself. Most of these Valentine Day crafts for kids are simple enough that they won't need you to be right there next to the children the entire time.

Decorating hearts

Valentines' Day is all about hearts. It's a holiday that celebrates love. Using red construction paper, your kids can cut out hearts and then decorate them using any assortment of other colored papers, glitter, glue, and lace doilies.

When they are done making their decorated hearts, they can then address them to a certain person whom they would like to give it to. That could either be one of their parents, or both, a sibling (brother or sister), or even a friend they have at school or in the neighborhood.

Wall art using hand paints

Okay, you don't actually want to have them do this to your walls, but you would put a large sheet of paper on the wall, affixed with either tape or thumb tacks, and make sure that you have some kind of drop cloth on the ground at the base of the paper on the wall.

For such Valentine Day crafts for kids, use hand paints and have your children decorate this sheet of paper using only their hands. Keep to the theme of the special day and have them create hearts out of the shapes of their hands. They'll not only have a great deal of fun making it, this 'canvas' will become a work of art that you'll be able to save for years to come.

A love caterpillar

To make a love caterpillar, you will need some construction paper of different colors. Cut out a rectangular shape for the body, then a roundish shape for the head. Take some other color and cut out arms and legs, as well as two antennae for the little bugger.

When your kids are done with this, then they can start cutting out small hearts that they can attach to the caterpillar's body. Add eyes, a nose, and a smile, and you'll have a cute little decoration that they can give to someone special in their life. Hopefully they give it to you!

Valentine Day crafts for kids don't have to be complicated or costly. When it comes to this holiday, it is mostly about the hearts, and the love, and it's important to remember that.

When you teach your kids about the value of caring for other people, even people whom they don't really know all that well, then you begin to make the world a much better and much brighter place in which to live. This year, the Valentine Day crafts for kids can be a winner!

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