Valentine Boxes to Make - Unique and Personalized Craft Ideas

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for Valentine boxes to make at home or in school?

Valentine's Day is a day you can show your creative side by crafting your own gifts or gift boxes. It is a great time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you with a personal gift you crafted yourself or with a store-bought gift placed in a box that you made yourself.

Here are some Valentine boxes to make that will show your loved ones how much you care. These can also be used as fun craft activities for your classroom.

One of the Valentine boxes to make is the shoebox mailer. For this wonderful classroom project, you will need the following: shoebox, construction paper, clear tape, magazine pictures, cut out shapes, markers, glitter, glue and scissors.

Cover the box completely with the construction paper, securing it firmly with the tape. Using your scissors, cut a slot into the top or side of your box so individuals can put Valentine items in the box - make sure the slot is wide enough to accommodate Valentine items that may contain candy or other things.

Using your cut out shapes, magazine pictures, glitter and other items you have chosen, decorate your box. Make sure you use a marker to put your name somewhere on the box. Have students place the boxes in a certain part of the classroom. Now their classmates can fill the boxes with Valentines.

Another of the great classroom Valentine boxes to make is the paper plate heart pocket. For this, you will need the following items: 3 paper plates, child friendly paints, a sponge, stapler and scissors.

Pour paint into the center of one of your plates, and, using your sponge, dab paint onto the backs of the other two plates until they are completely covered. Let dry completely and then fold the paper plates in half with the painted side outward. Lay the plates together to form a heart and secure with your stapler.

When stapling the plates together, make sure you leave a pocket and do not staple the heart shut (a good way to do this is to simply staple the tip of the heart together as well as each place the heart crosses in the center, leaving the rest of the heart untouched). To make the handle of the heart, you can use the outside rim of the plate in which you put your paint, or you can use ribbon or yarn to make a handle. Attach the handle to the top of the heart and hang the heart up.

Need more ideas for Valentine boxes to make?

Yet another of the Valentine boxes to make entails using old Valentine's greeting cards to create small boxes in which to place jewelry or bite sized chocolates. This is also a wonderful classroom activity; however, you will want to do this one with older children who have slightly more sophisticated motor function.

For such Valentine boxes to make, you will need several Valentine's greeting cards, scissors, a ruler, pencil, glue, and embellishments.

First, cut the cards in half and place the side with the picture in one pile and the side with the printing in another pile. Draw a square in each corner of a piece of your "half-card" (you can make the squares as large or as small as you wish, but remember that you will be folding this card, so you don't want to make the squares so big they will not fit inside).

When your card is facing up, take your scissors and cut the lines on the sides of the card, and then fold the cut sides up forming tabs (you want your tabs to go inward). Take the larger tab at the top and bottom of the card and fold inward. Repeat with the sides of the card. When you have all the tabs folded inward, you should have a shape like a box without a lid. Use glue to secure the tabs in place so your box will not come apart.

Repeat these steps with the other half of your card to create the bottom or lid of the box. Fill the box with candy or place a piece of jewelry inside for a great Valentine's gift.

When you are planning your Valentine's day gifts, these unique and personalized boxes are a great way to show your loved one he / she is special. With these Valentine boxes to make, you can also help your classroom have a fun time exploring their creativity while learning about the history and meaning of Valentine's Day.

Have fun with these craft ideas for Valentine boxes to make!

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