Wording for Invitations - Samples for Birthdays, Weddings and Other Parties

As you can imagine, there are absolutely thousands of great ideas for wording for invitations, and it would be really impossible to include all of them right here.

In this article, you will find various lovely invitation wordings, wedding invitation wordings, as well as some really good adult birthday invitations.

In this variety of wording for invitations, you are likely to find something to suit your needs.

Here are some wording for invitations for birthdays and birthday parties.

Amy's turning one! Join us for cake and birthday fun!

Come and join in the Fun! Emma's turning one!

Our little cowboy is turning one! Saddle up and have some fun!

I am terrific and two!

What a party it's going to be! Jason is turning three!

She's cute and sweet, with smiles galore! Our little angel's turning four!

Leap on over to Hannah's pad!

All aboard the party train!

Splish splash it's a birthday bash! Come and take the plunge!

Farewell to braces, pigtails, and toys! Welcome to driving, parties, and boys!

Katherine is turning thirty! Let's get down and dirty!

It's margarita time!

Let's shake things up! It's martini time!

It's a surprise, so please don't blow it! Ken's turning 40 and doesn't want you to know it!

There's a birthday party and you're invited to show.. but don't tell Jim because he doesn't know.

So if you can make it, here's a word to the wise, make sure you come early, 'cause it's a surprise!

Now for some wording for invitations to weddings you might want to use. When the bride and groom are covering the cost of the wedding themselves, the wording could be as follows:

Request the pleasure of your company
At their wedding
On Date, Time, & Venue


Invite you to share the moment when
They exchange their marriage vows
On Date, Time, & Venue

When the bride and groom, together with their parents, cover the costs, your invitations could read something like:

You are hereby invited to share with us
In the presence of God the joining of

In marriage
On Date, Time, & Venue


Together with our parents,
You are cordially invited to
Join in the marriage of
On Date, Time, & Venue

When it's an adult birthday party and you need wording for invitations, one or two of these are likely to be just what you are looking for:

SHHHH !!! It's a surprise!!!
Come and Rock & Roll with us and go back in time
As we celebrate Lou's 40th birthday!
Date, Time, & Venue
Lou will arrive at 7.00 pm
And the fun will continue at
Dick's River Roadhouse, Mt Prospect
RSVP by May 10th
Kim - phone number


Brian's 30th B-day Party!
Please join us for a Hippie/Beach Party
Date, Time, & Venue
Everyone must come in bathing attire,
And be prepared to swim…
With or without a suit!
RSVP by 5th August
Phone number


Celebrate the happy times,
Raise a glass with cheer
Come celebrate with John
In honor of his 65th year!
Date, Time, & Venue
RSVP to Jill
Phone Number

Many, many more samples of wording for invitations can be found on the rest of this website, so be sure to browse around or conduct a search.

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